Saturday, January 31, 2015

Walt Disney World January 2015 Capsule

For our eight day Disney World trip, I wore a capsule wardrobe consisting of:

1. A denim shirt
2. A black and white buffalo check tunic
3. A Star Wars tee
4. A Mickey Mouse hoodie
5. A Snow White sweatshirt
6. A pair of denim shorts
7. A pleated denim skirt
8. Four pairs of leggings
9. A faux leather jacket
10. A camo infinity scarf.
11. Two pairs of boots.

Lows were in the 40s and highs in the 60s or 70s. Mornings were quite brisk and often windy! The first days never warmed enough for me to discard my jacket. The scarf seemed silly when I packed it, but proved indispensable!

The neutrals (black, white, gray, olive, and denim) were easily combined into eight different outfits (and I could have made a few more). I wish I had brought a second scarf (my yellow Mickey scarf) and some lipstick (DYING without my signature bright lip), but I was otherwise quite satisfied with this capsule.

Curious about what the other women tourists wore? Mostly skinny jeans, sneakers, and sweatshirts. I saw plenty of leggings-as-pants (especially when the dance teams were in town for a competition) and Disney character apparel, so I fit right in with that crowd. I saw only a single pair of cowboy boots (on a little girl), but a few ladies wore riding boots with their skinny jeans. Due to the chilly conditions, very few people wore dresses or skirts. Some, like me, layered leggings under their shorts. Temps warmed up by Friday, though, and skin was bared in short shorts, low cut tops, and a few sundresses. I thought it was still too cold to expose my limbs, but I can understand the temptation to revel in the sunshine while much of the country is snowed in!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the capsule summary! Packing for a trip is a challenge, and you're always a great inspiration. I try to pack as minimal as possible, and am grateful for your weather comments, too - nothing worse than being chilled, or dragging along extra bulky clothes that don't get worn.
Long-time follower

Lola said...

Confused about your lack of lipstick. Was it a lipstick fast? Allergies? I am pretty sure Downtown Disney has a Sephora, yes?

Lola said...

Not that you needed it!!! Just that you bemoaned the loss dear Lord knows I'd be at the closest CVS store hitting up the Rimmel stand...

Kasmira said...

I decided not to bring/wear lipstick because I'm always getting it on my teeth and chin (when I smile and eat) and didn't want to deal with the mess. The Florida downtown Disney doesn't have a sephora (but California does). We stayed on property, so no CVS runs. The only lippy for sale was lip gloss and that promised to be super messy! (There was also lipstick in Epcot France, but it was an expensive brand that I was unfamiliar with.)

IrishRedRose said...

I have those issues with lipstick too! I've had better luck with serious mattes like Viva Glam (tried and true) or some of the mauves and pinks in the Revlon Colorburst lip butters. Expensive (glaring at you, Chanel) doesn't guarantee staying power either. Too Faced, Urban Decay Revolution, Stila and especially Kate Moss's amazingly cheap and good line for Rimmel have been fine, though! And you look really great sans lipstick, frankly.