Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Purchases

My 2015 budget didn’t have the most auspicious beginning. Thanks to a $300 impulse buy, I’m already 20% through my yearly budget. At least I had a $100 gift card to offset the damage.

Manhattan Denim

Since I hardly wear jeans, I thought nothing in a store with “denim” in its name would appeal to me. I was surprised to find this perfect blazer among the ripped denim and maxi dresses. It is now the most expensive blazer I own, surpassing the previous record holder, my $198 J Crew schoolboy blazer. Ironically, this blazer is the long searched for upgrade to my three dollar, thrifted Odds ‘n Evens tuxedo blazer. Upgrading is expensive.

1. James Jeans tuxedo jacket in blue black ponte, $309 - $100 gift card = $209.00


2. Peruvian striped turtleneck, $4.99

Thrift Town

3. Bass button-front, wool miniskirt, $5.99


Both these items were lightly (or not) worn but heavily discounted from their original, “new” price.

4. Etcetera wool and leather cardigan, $36.00
5. Cut 25 striped, leather sleeve dress, $32.00


6. Polkadot sunglasses, $14.99

Forever 21

7. Pleated denim miniskirt, $15.90. (This is a size large. Size up, ladies! There's nothing like Forever 21 to make you feel fat.)
8. Snow White sweatshirt, $22.90

Epcot Mexico

I’ve been spoiled by the easy access to cheap imports in Sacramento. The World Showcase shopping isn’t that exciting now that I can pop into World Market or Adobe Imports whenever I like.

9. Crochet hoop earrings, $10.99

January total: $352.76.

Total spending for the year: $352.76

Remaining 2015 budget: $1447.24


Erin said...

You have AMAZING thrifting fu! Love the wool mini skirt so much :)

Lorena said...

Interestingly, I just gave away the same pair of earrings !
My favourite was the tux jacket, however the upgrade was expensive indeed.