Monday, June 15, 2015

Beat Up

I may look fresh and pretty in photos, but I was lurching around town like Frankenstein’s monster. I was a wee bit sore from Sunday’s long (11 mile) hike and I walked as if all my joints had frozen overnight. I did run Monday morning, but it was insufficient to loosen all my aches. But it’s a good ache.

Dress, Gap. Shirt, Christopher & Banks (thrifted). Shoes, Seychelles. Sunglasses and bag, Target. Earrings, vintage.

Sunday’s 365 is, of course, from the hike, and I was too thrashed today to remember to take one, so an alternate outfit photo will have to do.


Anonymous said...

Love this dress on you!

Do you ever have a problem with the wind lifting it up too much and revealing more than you like? If so, what's your solution? I had a skirt sort of like this silhouette and gave up wearing it because I was always worried I would flash someone if it got too windy!


Kasmira said...

This particular dress is very stiff, so the wind doesn't move it. However, sometimes my bag will cause the skirt to creep up. I just have to be conscious of that and check it periodically.
For my more light weight, short, full skirts, I wear pettipants underneath. They look like a cross between boxer shorts and a slip.

Anonymous said...

Are those shoes comfortable? I've admired them since their debut. They look great with this outfit.

Kasmira said...

They may be my most comfortable heels! That's why I've been wearing them so much, lately.