Monday, June 08, 2015

Suddenly Summer

The Sacramento summer is back! We hit triple digits plus today. Last summer, I began tagging my outfits with “100 degree outfit” on days like this. I’m building a reference for those times when I’m overwhelmed by the thought of dressing for another hot day. This is outfit number five in the collection.

Dress, Ella Moss. Belt, Sugadaminka. Shoes, thrift. Earrings, self-made.

And this was certainly 100 degree hair. I was so thankful for my short crop as I endured the sun and heat.

Still, the temps got to my brain and I forgot to take a 365 photo. I’m using my outfit photo to mark the day.


Cindy said...

I live in the hot humid South and cannot wear belts in the summer. My favorite things to wear are Lands' End Polo dresses and other jersey knit dresses, maxi and shorter, pettipants or Jockey Skimmie Slipshorts, cotton underwear, open-toed sandals or wedges with bare legs and bare feet. Limited jewelry and my long hair in a high ponytail. And only natural fabrics, of course.

Anonymous said...

Love this dress! I've never associated long sleeves with summer, but you look very cool and comfortable in this outfit.


IrishRedRose said...

An unusual suggestion that you might enjoy: vintage Hawaiian dresses.

I don't mean huge muumuus necessarily, more like the pure cotton shift dresses (usually knee length or a bit above/below), the shorter 'waterfall' dresses with the nifty central back area attached scarf or cape-type detail ...and the sarongs! Stuff like that.

Point one, the old cotton breathes beautifully and wears SO well, as well as being completely washable. Point two: they were made for hot weather. der. Point three: they're timelessly flattering and easy to just throw on--they have so much personality they "make" outfits without any extra effort needed, unless you want to of course, and point four: they have all the lovely bright colorways you like.

And they were so durable that they're still easy to find in consignments, vintage shops, eBay, Etsy and even thrifts. Usually the prices aren't exhorbitant.

When I lived in Sacto, running a vintage shop, they were a real go-to for those neverending hot months. Oh and plus, when I didn't feel like shaving my legs, the longer ones definitely came in handy, lol.