Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Forest Pixie

I gave my fourth Toastmasters speech today: Luck of the Lost - Part 1. It was the first half of the story of the time I got lost in the wilderness while working for the Forest Service. My audience enjoyed the story (and can’t wait for the exciting conclusion), but I got the most comments about my outfit. One of the members called the look “forest pixie.”

Hat, Nine West. Jacket, Odds ‘n Evens (thrifted). Dress, Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique (consignment). Boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren. Belt, thrifted. Bag, Clarks.

I didn’t purposefully choose my outfit to match my speech topic. In fact, I had an entirely different outfit chosen and laid out, but hurriedly grabbed something different when I realized it was raining. The result must have been a subliminal effect of the speech I had been practicing all morning.

I don’t know if it was the outfit or the speech, itself, but I won the Best Speaker ribbon!


Ann said...

I am sure your speech was great, but I must say the outfit is definitely great, too!

C said...

nary a splotch of color in that outfit..... you must have been chsanneling your inner ranger

Jess Furlong said...

The outfit, before I even read the post, reminded me of a very feminized forest ranger - right down to the boots! It was strikingly fashionable and commanding in presence all at once. And an instant favorite!

Anonymous said...

You look like a 1940's spy, in a good way! Fab outfit. Love it :)

Anonymous said...

Great outfit! Agree with what everyone else said!

Would love to be at your Toastmasters meetings - I bet you tell great stories!