Sunday, July 19, 2009

Urban Outfitters

Dress, No Boundaries. Hat, Charlotte Russe. Necklace and cuff, Urban Outfitters. Flip flops, SB. Bag, Deux Lux.

A little birdie told me that Urban Outfitters was having a 50% off sale. That’s 50% off of already marked down items. Here’s what I got:

Flip flops, Ecote. Plaid shirt, Urban Renewal. Purple cardi, Silence + Noise. Bag, Deux Lux. Tank, Kimchi & Blue.

I’m actually wearing that last shirt backwards. The rose embellished neckline is too pretty to be worn where I can’t see it.

The last thing I bought was not 50% off, but it was 100% awesome: a glass hand!

Good for scaring children or holding rings.


Lexie said...

i adore your blog! and 50% off of sale items! what a deal.

Shopaholic said...

You picked up some amazing bits there! good work!
I'm looking for a scarey hand for my rings too.
Oh, and that hat is so cute.

Sheila said...

Some good scores - I love the hand, heh heh.

Tina said...

You've got some great rings displayed on your new hand!

Diana said...

Your Urban Outfitters has a much better selection than mine. I went to the store a couple of times during the sale, but all I could find that I liked was one jersey skirt.

BAM said...

ha! I have the same dress and now have some new ideas. I usually wear it with either black or blue, but dig the purple with gray and even the tan/light brown.

briana said...

chirp chirp? :) purchases approved!