Sunday, May 29, 2011

LBD: Blue Heaven Casual Dress

I recommend adding a casual LBD to your wardrobe, along with one for work and one for events. It can become a wardrobe workhorse! (And, if you buy a cotton version, you can easily redye it black once it starts to fade.) Like your more formal LBDs, look for special detailing to add interest, in the absence of color. My casual LBD is all about the back.

I won’t be silly and pretend that this dress is a possibility for the Little Black Dress Event, but it’s a great option for other local Cincinnati events, like bar crawls and food festivals! (Machine washable duds are best for possible spills!)


Anonymous said...

I love the lace detail of your casual LBD!

Sabrina said...

Trop belle!!! I love it!!!