Thursday, May 19, 2011

LBD: Melton Sweater Dress

My most tenured LBD is a knit sweater dress. I used to be challenged by its seasonal schizophrenia (thick knit + spaghetti straps = ?), but I’ve since realized that the lack of sleeves just opens up layering possibilities. I bought the dress for 500 yen while in mainland Japan to take my GRE test, but I didn’t wear it until I started working in a Cincinnati office two years later. The style works best for a dressy- or business-casual look, but I could wear it to an evening affair sans cover-up.

Perhaps my most exciting moment in this dress was being photographed to accompany a full-page spread on my blog in CinWeekly in 2007. I’ll always remember my first brush with “fame” and the beginning of my great relationship with Gannett. (I’m now one of the organization's Locals On Living bloggers.)

So, will I be wearing this dress to the Summerfair Festival’s First Annual Little Black Dress Event? Well, it isn’t a frontrunner, but if our mini ice age continues, it just might be appropriate for June.


mari said...

Super:) because what more can I write about ... : D

Stacybeads said...

Wow, what a versatile dress! So many great looks.