Friday, May 27, 2011

LBD: Sele Minidress

This LBD is too little. The style is appropriate for work, but the hemline is not. I gave up on trying to make the dress office-appropriate and donated it to last week’s Swap Hop. But I got a few fun looks out of it first.

Since the dress is now gone, I’m obviously not wearing it to the Little Black Dress Event. Did I make the right decision to swap it away?

Was I right to swap the Sele dress away?
Maybe ... I'll explain in the comments free polls

We're now one week out from the Little Black Dress Event. If you can't make it in person, send me a picture or link to a blog post of you wearing your little black dress and I’ll post an LBD round up on June 3.


homeschoolmama said...

I happen to like your little velvet black dress better, but this one is SO cute & unique!

I agree it's rather short, but if it were me I'd have been tempted to lengthen it with a contrast-color hem.

Claudia said...

If the dress is something you mostly wanted to use as workwear and it is too short, then there is not really any use for it.
It is a cute dress to use for going out, but it depends on where you are going, I guess.

maryeb said...

You certainly did a great job styling this dress into some lovely looks. I think comfort is key, and since you weren't comfortable with the length, you absolutely did the right thing to swap it away.

Anonymous said...

*gasp* i wouldn't have swapped it, it looks super cute just for fun dates out-- not work!!

However, as someone above said, if it just *had* to be for work i would have found some ivory or black satin fabric & added a few inches to the bottom...

but the outfit w/ yr red hair & hot pink obi belt is perfecto!!!


emiaswg said...

I don't think you should have given up your LBD up. I do think it is a little short for the office on Mondays but, a great dress to wear leaving the office on Fridays for cocktails or a night on the town.