Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Purchases

May was really cold and rainy. Perhaps that’s why I spent more time than usual in traditional retail stores? (And overspent my budget.)


1. Jovovich Hawk for Target dress, $19.98

I was a little iffy about this JH dress because of the short length and loose silhouette, but the clearance price sucked me in. So far, I’ve only worn it outside of the office, but I can’t wait to pair it with thick black tights for work, next fall

2. Dripping chain necklace, $15.99 (layered with a beaded necklace in the below picture)

3. Swimsuit, $19.98

I had planned on buying a new suit this month, after leaving my old one in a hotel room during the Great Piano Trip. I didn’t count on finding one I liked so easily and cheaply, though! I’ll be wearing it on its first outing in June, so I’ll ask Beefy to take some tasteful photos. (If you follow me on twitter, you saw a self-modeled, in-the-mirror shot there.)

Charming Charlie

4. Floral bag, $24.97

I’ve owned this less than a month and it is already my favorite bag. Well, second favorite. First place probably goes to the Mossimo bag I bought last month. But second place ain’t bad. Especially for a floral number that you might think wouldn’t go with anything (but actually goes with everything).


5. Fioni Lyric heels in tan, $26.99

I’m going to blame this purchase on the Blogger Bandwagon. I spied these beauties on a few pairs of bloggy feet (including Kendi Everyday, I think) and was prompted to check them out in person. Not only are they cute, they are truly comfortable!

Claire’s Boutique

Every time Beefy and I go to the Levee to see a movie, we argue about Deb. I always want to check it out, but the place gives Beefy hives. I admit that Deb is mostly gross and trashy, but I’ve found a few gems. On Memorial Day weekend, in honor of my service to my country, Beefy granted me 15 minutes in Deb while he visited the bookstore. I spent two minutes in Deb before leaving with a little vomit in my mouth. (Beefy was right, this time.)

With 13 minutes to kill, I went in Beefy’s second-least-favorite store, Claire’s Boutique. And found some really cute stuff with time, if not money, to spare.

6. Peacock print bracelet, $9.50
7. Pom-pom trim scarf, $16.00
8. Bracelet set, $14.50 (not pictured and not worn because I might return it)

May total: $147.91

Total spending for the year: $551.88

Frye boots fund: I give up.


Cindy said...

Aww...don't feel bad about the boot fund. I find it truly admirable that you've picked a set limit of cash to spend and stick to it reasonably well!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love that scarf...you made some great purchases.

Bernadette said...

Kasmira have you ever browsed shoes on http://www.urbanog.com/index_113.html ? lots of stuff on there for reasonable $$ for the thrifty shoe shopper

Kasmira said...

Bernadette - I've never been to that site before and now I wish I hadn't...so many lovelies!

Jane Milton said...

Have you thought about buying used Frye boots? I bought a pair for 25 USD on ebay. That's including shipping. And I love them!

Kasmira said...

Jane Milton - that's a great idea. Setting up a search, now!

Jodi said...

you got awesome stuff.. love that floral bag and the red top you are wearing in the same pic... !! you have ultra great taste girlie!~! xoOJ

WendyB said...

The polka dot dress is a different look for you, but you're working it!

RETRO REVA said...

I too did the over-shop in "real" stores last month.
I did manage some thrifties, but when my Mom says "Go ahead and get it if you want it" how can I resist?

Gotta hang my DIYed head and start up blogging again ;)

I actually took some real photos AND planted a tomato plant, so it was a good break.

Ya gotta check out Rue 21's scarf rack, I got trendy scarfs for 2 bucks each!


Anonymous said...

I can't decide which I love more, your outfit posts or your shopping tally posts- both are great!

I love the way you use color and mix patterns in your outfits. And your accessories are fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration to mix it up and dare to try new color and pattern combinations.