Sunday, October 23, 2011

Closet Circulation - Bold Jewelry

Oh, how my past self would be appalled at my present self. 2006 Kasmira thought wearing both earrings and a necklace at once was “bold.” 2011 Kasmira might wear earrings, a stack of bracelets, and seven (or maybe just five) necklaces.


Nine West boots - these are some long-lived boots!


Skirt, Casual Corner – This skirt was a little too formfitting at the top. I gave it away when I grew out of it.
Wrap shirt, Newport News – I decided this style of shirt wasn’t for me and swapped it away.
Cami, Mossimo – this cami ended at my waist. (I prefer a hip-length cami.) I donated it to the thrift store.
Earrings, World Market – these are not “out” by choice, but are MIA! I hope they turn up in a coat pocket or purse, someday.


Necklace, Target – I thought this was “bold” in 2006. Now I think it’s “boring.”


Ki said...

Wow those boots have lasted 5 years?! Awesome!

bridgette said...

good call on the wrap shirt. i have a love hate realtionship with them. i hate having to wear something underneath them to ensure that my lady parts are covered and not look bulky. it's too much work.

Sheila said...

Do you still have the skirt? I don't recall seeing it on you in a long time.

Kasmira said...

Sheila - thanks for the catch! I don't have the skirt any longer and have updated the post with its fate.

Lorena said...

I remember this was "you" when I began following, it's amazing how much our style can change.... :)

Angela said...

How do you remember what happened to each piece of clothing?!?!? Do you write it down? It is amazing to me that you know if something was donated or swapped or thrown out or dyed or hemmed or whatever.

Kasmira said...

Angela- I just remember, somehow. It could be that I pay closer attention because of the blog. I remember what happens to my clothes, but can't remember the name of the girl who swims in my lane 3x per week.

Angela said...

Well, I am totally impressed by your memory (and your wardrobe, of course)!