Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Closet Circulation - Empire Waist Dress

Brown and black all looked the same in my early photos. I shot my outfits against a white background, using a direct flash, and all the dark colors looked black. Here, I’m wearing brown boots, but you’d never know it.


Black shrug, INC - I still wear this silk blend shrug. It saves bare arms from the office a/c chill!
Brown boots, Nine West - These are still going strong, as well! I’ve been wearing them for five years and all they’ve needed is regular polishing.


Dress, Max Studio – I never liked this dress’ length and I finally grew bored of the color palette. I swapped it away.


Necklace, Target – this necklace is no longer my style, but it continues to hang with the rest of my collection. It’s time for it to go!

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Clothes Karma said...

I am really enjoying this series. And here I thought you were born pattern-mixing and experimenting with fashion. With these photos, I can see that your style has evolved over time and that you've had to really cultivate your signature look.

I too made the rookie mistake of shooting with flash and a white background. Live and learn!

Clothes Karma