Thursday, October 20, 2011

Closet Circulation - Red Velvet Mandarin

I’m not sure why there was an entire week between this entry and the last, in October 2007. Back then, no one read my blog and no one noticed when I missed a few days. Now, I usually get a concerned email when my blog goes silent.


Velvet jacket, Cami - I have a few velvet blazers. (Is four too many?)
Top, Moda International - I can only identify this blouse from the descriptors I used in the original post. It is the same top that I wore in Knockout.
Pinstriped pants, Forever 21 - This is the only pair of pants I still regularly wear.


Faux pearl necklace, JC Penny – this is the same necklace I wore earlier in the month. It’s in my deconstruction pile.
Earrings, Liz Claiborne – yet another pair of earrings I no longer wear but continue to retain.

I could repeat this exact outfit, too, but, again, I’ll just repeat the blazer.


Ki said...

This is such a great blazer! :) it looks good!

The Cheap Chick said...

I believe that 4 velvet blazers is the the absolute perfect number to own. Especially if they are as cute as this red one. And the blue one you wore before. Love them!

However - I'm worried. Are 3 olive green blazers 2 too many? I'd hate to have to purge my closet...

Kasmira said...

Cheap Chick - I regret to tell you that 3 olive green blazers is 1 too many. I'll pick that extra one up next time I'm in Minneapolis. Because I'm helpful like that (and jealous).

Kel Ward Photography said...

You have inspired me to get out my burgundy velvet blazer! You look amazing!

Lorena said...

Well 4 velvet jackets work for me ... as I have 3 :)
You just reminded me I should wear them more often.