Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Closet Circulation - Booty Skirt

I used to be a Victoria’s Secret catalog junkie. I rarely bought the underthings. Instead, I ordered tons of Moda International, the VS clothing line.


Oxford bodysuit, Moda International - I liked the clean look of this body suit (I had it in pink and white, too), but the lower part was really uncomfortable.
Tweedy skirt, Moda International - this skirt requires a perfect fit. My weight fluctuates too much to keep it in my closet.

Nothing "In." Nothing on "Hold." I'm not sure where those earrings are.

I haven’t ordered anything new from the VS catalog in years. It is a little predictable, yet pricy, for my current tastes.

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Amber Lena said...

This is such an overused saying, but I love your style! I used to do the same thing with VS - just buy the clothes and I loved them! But yeah, too pricey for me nowadays.

Amber Lena