Monday, October 10, 2011

Closet Circulation - Ladylike in Black, White, and Red

My color palette choices have certainly evolved in five years. I used to do a lot of black, white, and red looks. Now, that feels too predictable.


Red cardigan, Moda International - this is the twin of the green cardi I wore in my first post. It has escaped any unfortunate accidents (so far!)


Skirt, NY & Co – this skirt was always a size too large. I finally swapped it away.
Pumps, Michelle D – I used to go through black pumps like toilet paper. (That’s a nice mental picture!) Cincinnati sidewalks eat heels for breakfast. (Is that image any better?) This pair eventually succumbed.
Camisole, Cuddle Duds – this cami was never meant to be outerwear, but I didn't wear it as underwear, either. Buh-bye.


Necklace, JC Penney – I still own this necklace, but dislike the length. I intend to take it apart and use the beads in a project.

I am, however, still a fan of a "ladylike" style. Not that I behave anything like a lady!


The Tote Trove said...

I too have always loved red, black, and white looks. The skirt is very pretty. I agree, though, that you've definitely branched out since this ensemble debuted. I'm really enjoying getting a peek at these early pictures, especially because I'm relatively new to your blog :)

Victoria said...

You look good then and now.