Sunday, October 09, 2011

Closet Circulation - End of Summer Pale

I have to laugh at my facial expressions in the early blog days. The “terrified grin” was all too common!


Earrings, Target - I own these earrings, but haven’t worn them in ages. They are a little “plain jane” for my tastes, now….no color, predictable design, meh. They should go in the swap pile*.


White button-down, Gap – this was always a wee bit small and I eventually passed it on to a good home.
Skirt, Okinawa – I unsuccessfully tried to dye this skirt. I was going for mustard yellow, but got a muddy orange. To make matters worse, the skirt shrank in the process, but the lining didn’t.
Tan pumps, Target – these are the same shoes I wore in my very first post. They got lots of wear before they fell apart. Every woman needs a nude heel!

*Edited on Oct 11 to update the fate of the earrings. I covered them in neon pink spray paint and find them drab no longer!


Kerry said...

I am very much enjoying these revisits!
This outfit does look so pale compared to much of what you wear now.

Ki said...

Ha ha the grin is a bit 'deer caught in the headlights'! I love this series of revisiting your old outfits - looking forward to more!

Rachel said...

I am loving these closet revisitations! It's very interesting to see what has stuck around as your style has changed.