Thursday, October 27, 2011

Closet Circulation - Boring, but Warm

2006 and 2011 Kasmira agree; this outfit is boring. But 2011 Kasmira would have found a way to jazz this up. I’d prove it to you, except that most of the items are long gone.


Necklace, Newport News - this classic is still one of my favorites. Someone once left me a comment advising me to get rid of “that grandma necklace.” Little did they know that grandmothers are one of my style icons.


Chenille sweater, INC – warm, but unflattering.
Flannel trousers, Express – also, warm, but unflattering.


Sheila said...

I really love these flashback posts! Are you going to do them all year?

Beth said...

I like that idea of releasing the inner grandma & wearing whatever one wants. Gotta remember that one. :-)


Kasmira said...

Sheila- I'm just doing this for the month of Oct. Almost done!

Lorena said...

I like granny styles too - and I agree with you, the
pants and sweater do not do you justice :)

Anonymous said...

Strange...I was just looking through your old 2006 posts yesterday and you posted this today! Anyway, I think the sweater is cute but the pants look too big for you.

Coincidentally, I joke with my friends that if I had a fashion magazine, I'd call it "Modern Grandma" being inspired by vintage styles. Nothing wrong with being covered up but stylish at the same time!

The Tote Trove said...

That's not a grandma necklace! I would totally wear it. Not to contradict myself, but I really enjoyed your Glam Gram post link; I too think about how my outfits will grow even more eccentric as I age :)