Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another TDW Vintage Sale

The best place to find top quality vintage: a theater’s costume closet. The Drama Workshop has an enormous collection of vintage in its costume stores. The collection is a bit too enormous for our new home in the Glenmore Bowl. We’ll be offering menswear, outerwear, shoes, and ladies wear for sale this Saturday, 10/22, from 11 – 3. (Just in time for Halloween!)

The sale will be located at our warehouse in Northside: 4015 Cherry Street. Cash and checks are accepted.

Last July, we held a similar sale (just ladies wear, though). The goods were priced very low and went quickly. Come early and then head over to The City Flea in the American Can Lofts!

Here are some of my scores from TDW’s costume closet:

80's dress that looks like a 30's dress, the dog skirt that Beefy hates, and my favorite coat ever.

See you there! (And, of course, I’ll be signing autographs all day. Natch.)


Bridgette said...

The skirt paired with the red blouse is very cute and unique. Hope you fins lots more wonderful pieces at the sale!

Ki said...

The dog skirt is amazing! :D And the coat is really great too :)

Ada said...

That coat is to die for and the color scheme in the third picture is giving me ideas :)

I live in Cincinnati and I want to check out this sale. Do you know if you if there will a wide range clothing sizes available?

Kasmira said...

Ada - because the clothing is vintage, it tends to skew small, but there are a few larger pieces!

The Tote Trove said...

That skirt is wild! I'd totally wear it. And I don't even like dogs.