Thursday, October 13, 2011

Closet Circulation - Victorian

This is the first outfit that I still own in its entirety.


Velvet jacket, NY &Co - the elbows and cuffs are a bit worn, but I still wear this jacket every winter.
Lace shirt, Newport News - I no longer wear this blouse often, but still consider wearing it often! I have to keep it around since it's a part of my blogoversary outfit.


Pants, Moda International – I don’t really wear pants anymore, but I keep them around in case I have some sort of pants-mandatory event.
Booties, Style & Co – I stopped regularly wearing these booties when I stopped wearing pants. I occasionally drag them out to wear with a dress or jeans.
Earrings, Claire’s – I am so over chandelier earrings, but this pair lingers on in my jewelry box.

Since I still have it all, and it still fits, I considered wearing this exact outfit again, today. Instead, I'll wear the jacket and the lace shirt's twin (in black). I can't bring myself to wear the pants and booties, so I'll pair the tops with something a little more "me." And instead of chandelier earrings, I'll wear a statement necklace. I'll see what I can do about replicating that sultry gaze, as well. When Beefy's taking the pictures, I tend to get more silly than serious.

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