Monday, October 24, 2011

Closet Circulation - Travel Trousseau (Day 1)

The next three days document my first business travel outfits. I attempted a "capsule wardrobe," like I'd seen in magazines.


Tweed blazer, The Limited - the style seems outdated, but I still drag this blazer out a few times a year because I paid over $100 for it.


Tank, NY & Co – this top was just too tight for work. Instead of continuing to be self-conscious in it, I donated it to charity.
Trousers, Victoria’s Secret – cuffed trousers + high heels = face plant. I nearly killed myself in these pants so often that I replaced them with a non-cuffed pair.
Earrings, Claire’s – chandelier earrings are so early 2000’s.

I chose a palette of pink, green, and brown for the trip. It served me well, at the time. Now, I’d be bored with such a limited range of colors.


Sarah said...

Lol the old you would be so appalled at your current style.

Personally I loved your style the best when I first started reading, around 2009 or 2010. Now, it's a bit crazy, but it works well for you!

I actually like the blazer.:)

A Bigger Closet said...

Love your blog and all your fun and colorful outfits. You must visit J.Crew's website since tweed blazers and skirts never go out of style there. :)

Anonymous said...

Kasmira, I really like this tweed blazer/jacket even though the fringe is a few seasons ago. The color is great and it fits you perfectly. I have a similar one without fringe in white/black and raspberry that is several years old that I still wear. My favorite way is with jeans. PS You are becoming one of my favorite bloggers and I have been fascinated to watch your style evolve from very nice to fabulous. You have inspired me, even at my age (60, I feel much younger than I am), to dress a little edgier and fun and not so safe. Thanks, Kathy H