I host all my photos on flickr and participate in communities there. Flickr is free to join...but I have a pro account to hold my 11,000 photos.

Wardrobe Remix - I (and almost 17,000 members) post and browse personal style photos in this flickr group. When I run out of fresh blog posts to read, I browse this group's pool and almost always end up subscribing to a new blog!
Wardrobe Swap Shop - most of my clothing swaps are through Wardrobe Swap Shop. Swaps are permanent (for keeps!) and you can read more about swapping here.

If you'd like to browse all my outfits without paging through the blog, visit my flickr photo archives:
My Photo Archives - Year 1
My Photo Archives - Year 2
My Photo Archives - Year 3
My Photo Archives - Year 4
My Photo Archives - Year 5

Google Reader
I follow 158 blogs, but there's no way I'm clicking on 158 sites a day. Instead, I subscribe to "my" blogs through Google Reader. When new entries are published, they feed to my reader. Bonus: Google Reader is smart phone friendly!

P.S. One of my biggest pet peeves is truncated blogs. If an entire blog's post doesn't appear in the reader, I seldom click to the blog itself to finish reading.

Camera Equipment
You don't need a fancy camera, exotic locations or a dedicated photographer to get great pictures, but it doesn't hurt!

Nikon D5100 - In April of 2012, for my 2000th post, I upgraded from the D40 to the D5100.
Nikon D40 - I still occasionally use this body if the 5100 is unavailable or I'm in a situation where I'm afraid of damage to the camera.
AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED - Beefy gifted me this telephoto lens for Christmas. In tight shots, the background is blurred, while the subject is perfectly crisp.
Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens - this lens is wonderful in a low-light situation. Open the aperture all the way and the background in your photos is pleasingly blurred.  (And this is the best lens for photographing your cats inside the house.)
Canon PowerShot SD780 IS Digital Elph - I carry this little camera in my purse every day. It's great for outfit photos on the go or just moments you want to preserve spotting a man walking a cat on a leash!

Pumpkin, the cat, spotted on UC's campus