Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pink is My Color

Brown jacquard jacket, Apt 9. White blouse, Worthington. Pink sweater vest, Express. Brown and white skirt, Andre Oliver (thrifted). Brown tights. Brown boots, Nine West. Earrings, Xhilaration.

Hot pink is so my color. You’d think that I’d look best in blue or green but I get the compliments when I’m wearing fuchsia. And they’re the best kind of compliments – “You look pretty,” instead of “I like your outfit.” Because, while inventive outfits are fun, some times I prefer looking attractive over original.

I thrifted this skirt last summer with Julie and Abby (she’s going to kill me for that picture). My friends rightfully pointed out that the skirt’s poofy style makes my hips look wide. I don’t mind. The volume camouflages any poochiness and makes me look like I’ve got a great big ass.

Although it’s not so bad from straight on:

Kasmira's Wearing SOMETHING

So…I heard through the grapevine that there MIGHT be this office in which MIGHT work three women (one named, perhaps, Erin?) who MIGHT look at my blog every day, discuss what I’m wearing, and be absolutely devastated when I don’t post. To those girls, I apologize. There is no photo today because I forgot my camera at work last night. (I currently take my photos at home, in the morning.) We have a strict no-camera policy at the office, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for today’s outfit.

But look on the bright side – you’ll get two photos tomorrow! And a very bad limerick today:

There once were two girls and Erin
At my blog they always were starin’
I didn’t bring my camera home
So I wrote them this poem
To tell Bernadette I’m wearin’ somethin’

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Suddenly Subzero

Red sweater, thrifted. Tweedy waistcoat and apple watch pendant, Forever 21. Black skirt, from my USMC dress blues uniform. Gray, open-weave tights, Merona. Gray slouchy boots, White Mountain. Tweedy headband, NY & Co.

Yesterday, the temperatures were in the 50’s. This morning, it’s below zero with the windchill. I had to add fleece pants to my ensemble for the bus ride in. I am not looking forward to freezing my patootie off during my lunchtime run (5 miles today!)

I am so bored with my poses, so I thought I’d demonstrate my acting skillz for you. Here I am hoping that it won’t be too too cold outside.

And here I am just being crazy. See how well I do crazy? Must be why I’m often cast that way.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Navy Black Back

Navy and black jacket, Forever 21. Navy tank, Merona. Gray skirt, Eddie Bauer. Black fishnet tights, Danskin. Blank pumps, Bandolino. Yellow brooch, Accessorize. Gold watch, Raymond Weil. Gold bracelet, via swap. Navy beaded bracelet, Bitten.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Back!

Sheer blue blouse and black vest, Forever 21. Black pants, Apt 9. Zebra pumps, Delicious. Silver flower pin, thrifted. Stainless steel watch, Gucci.

I had a crazy, money-spending weekend. I purchased my new camera (Nikon D40!) on Saturday morning. Then I went to a Silpada jewelry party and bought a big ol’ cocktail ring. Next, after martinis and appetizers at The Cheesecake Factory, my friend Julie watched as I rang up purchases at Sephora, Lush, and Forever 21. It was an expensive day.

Do you remember me coveting Fashion Lady’s sheer, blue, tie-neck blouse last spring? She bought it at New Look in London and I’ve been searching for one like it since last February. I went in to Forever 21 (to look at the accessories only, I swear!) and saw my holy grail of a blouse hanging there. The shade of blue isn’t as intense as Fashion Lady’s but the color and style is close enough! I also like the tuxedo ruffles, puffed sleeves, and the matching cami.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Done Broke

My Cannon Powershot A95 is dead. I think it’s just been dropped too many times. (Damn kitties knocking over the tripod!) Any suggestions for a new camera?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

3 Piece Suit

Blazer, Breakin’ Loose. Pinstriped vest and pants, Forever 21. Pink blouse, Bebe. Black pumps, Bandolino. Pink rhinestone brooch, some department store.

I’ve got suits on the brain. Probably because I’m costuming Picasso at the Lapin Agile and I sorted through men’s suits on Sunday.

My camera is sick again. I’m not really happy with either of these photos, but they were all I could get before it started turning things purple and blurry. I hope it feels better tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Burgundy velvet jacket, Newport News. Black tank, Mossimo. Mini-herringbone skirt, Banana Republic. Tights, Hue (they are NAVY!). Black pumps, Bandolino. Necklace, thrifted. Purse, Apt 9.

I’m no longer wearing the tights. I got to work and realized that they are navy, not black. You cannot see the blue color in the photo because I worked some Photoshop magic on it.

I’m in a huge hurry because I’m presenting at 8 a.m.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Brown, cowl-neck vest, Worthington. Green, long-sleeved tee, Forever 21. Brown trumpet skirt, Newport News. Brown boots, Nine West. Silver mesh flower brooch, thrifted. Brown belt, thrifted.

Sorry – no comments today! Other than I miss my native Washington State and this outfit reminds me of the forest there.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Layered Friday

Black and white swing jacket, Apostrophe. Red sweater dress, Forever 21. Black sweater, Merona. Dark denim, Express. Black pumps, Bandolino. Silver hoop earrings, Nine West. Red purse, Target (via swap).

My Bear baby spent the night outside. (He refused to come inside with the other kitties for tuna-time.) I let him in this morning and he wanted to snuggle all through my photo session. I gave in a little. Bear is one of those rare cats that actually enjoys being held. He drools, though.

I don’t know if I like this outfit better with or without the jacket on top. I had a hard time choosing which version to photograph. The nice thing about such a versatile outfit is that I have plenty of options for temperature control. I’ll probably ditch the jacket immediately after lunch (and after teaching aerobics).

And…one more photo for you today. I rarely post photos in which I am not looking at the camera. Looking down or away seems so contrived. I like this one, though. (Despite the funky purple cast from my ailing camera.)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week of the Owl

Brown velvet jacket with attached brooch, FANG. Green silk-blend sweater, Laura Leigh Ltd. Striped skirt, George (thrifted). Brown boots, Nine West. Topaz drop necklace, gifted. Owl purse, World Market.

Yes, I’m carrying my owl purse yet again. This has turned out to be the Week of the Owl, as I’ve used it three out of four days so far. I actually bought the purse in September, but it languished in my closet until recently.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Military Chic

Black sweater, Charlotte Russe. Olive belt with leaf clasp, H&M. Olive skirt, from my USMC service uniform, altered by me. Black fishnets, Danskin. Black pumps, Bandolino. Gold earrings, thrifted.

I was leafing through my new In Style last night and there are a number of pages devoted to belts. Belts over dresses, belts over shirts, belts over sweaters, belts over blazers, and even a few belts on pants (and through belt loops!) Is it just me, or does this trend coverage seem about a year late? I thought belts were big last spring. Not that I mind if they’re “in” again. I’ll be glad to continue wearing all the belts I purchased over the last year.

Today’s belt:

This detail is lost in the overall photo (and beneath my desk at work), but I think the lace trim against the fishnet tights is very pretty.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lucky Inspired

Black suit jacket, Breakin’ Loose. Army green tank with jeweled neckline, H&M. Brown slacks, Moda International. Leopard peeptoe wedges, Steven by Steve Madden. Brass bangle and owl purse (yes, again!), World Market. Wooden bangle, via swap. Gold watch, Raymond Weil.

It may be hard to tell, but today’s outfit was inspired by this photo from Lucky. I almost couldn’t find a “schoolboy” blazer of my own. I pulled this one out of the swap pile, rolled up the sleeves, and made it work. I guess I’ll hold on swapping this blazer and its matching skirt just yet.

Earlier this month, I bought a new winter coat to replace my beige one. The old, Liz Claiborne, coat was actually getting holey. The wool seemed to be thinning until there was nothing left in spots. It lasted me three seasons. Black will hide the dirt better, but the cat hair seems more obvious.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Burgundy wrap sweater, Bloch. Navy tank, Merona. Green and navy tartan skirt, Jones New York Country (thrifted). Gray boots, White Mountain. Golden apple watch necklace, Forever 21. Gold-tone moth earrings, Claire’s. Owl purse, World Market.

This morning was my first visit to the dentist in almost four years. Let me explain….my last dentist was the Navy and I’m forever scarred by the sadistic corpsmen. Only my strong desire for a recommendation to an orthodontist (for braces) got me back in the chair this morning. I’m happy to report that civilian dentists are much nicer, I have no cavities, and I’ll be visiting again in six months.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Little black dress, Banana Republic (on clearance). Zebra shoes, Dollhouse.

My old LBD started to fall apart last time I wore it, so I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement. I wanted something Breakfast at Tiffany’s-ish. Something I could dress up or down. Wear to the office or a wedding. Less than $100. I think I’ve found it. My LBD’s inaugural wearing was to the Tri-County Players winter party.

These shoes are admittedly less classic than the dress, but they also cost 1/5 the price. They were surprisingly comfortable.

Short Skirt and a Long Cardi

Gray cardigan, Wet Seal. Blue sweater, Merona. Denim mini, American Standard Tyte (thrifted). Black, open weave leggings (Forever 21) over black tights. Black loafers, American Eagle. Gray cap, Nine West. Koi earrings, gifted. Orange tote, Target.

Absolutely crazy day today! Ran 6 miles (I’m training for a marathon), had breakfast with Julie at Greenup Café, interviewed directors for Wyoming Players’ 2008/9 season, colored my hair, made tabouli salad, and went to Tri-County Player’s winter bash. The hair coloring is the reason for the hat. I like my hair to be absolutely free of product, including conditioner, before I color, but one is not supposed to shampoo right before coloring because the scalp’s natural oils protect it from the colorant. Usually, I shampoo the night before and then color in the morning. Today, though, I had to shampoo in the morning and then hide my frizzy, product and conditioner free hair with a hat until I colored in late afternoon.

Fashion Lady gave me these precious earrings.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Denim is Navy

…or indigo or midnight blue or whatever.

Black and navy swing jacket, Forever 21. Black sweater, Ann Taylor Loft. Trouser jeans, Express. Yellow pumps, Victoria Spencer. Yellow brooch, Accessorize (or some other cheesy brand). Navy beaded bracelet, Bitten. Gold bracelet, from swap.

With all the hesitation people have over pairing black and navy, they often forget that we do it all the time when we wear a pair of dark jeans and a black top. Somehow, dark blue translates as a neutral when it’s denim. True, the blue of denim is usually multihued, but the overall effect is essentially navy. I think one of the easiest ways to start pairing black and navy is to start with a pair of dark jeans, add a black top, and then add one more dark blue item, as I’ve done here. (If you want to dicker over the color of dark denim being navy vs. indigo, take a look at the blue entry on Wikipedia. There, indigo looks rather purple. In fact Midnight blue and Sapphire look closest to the shade of the jeans I’m wearing. It’s all dark blue, though.)

I ordered this jacket after seeing it in a reader submitted outfit on The Fashion Police. From the photo, the brooch closure seemed to be some sort of fabulous, vintage-esque piece. I was horrified to open the package and find a Holly Hobby-esque brooch instead. It is COVERED IN BUTTONS. Except that it isn’t really covered in buttons…the coverage is so sparse that the cheap black fabric of the brooch’s base is exposed. Obviously, ratty button chic is not my thing so I began hunting for a replacement. Ideally, I would have liked something in black or clear stones, but after a few weeks of searching, settled for this yellow “jeweled” brooch for $5 at the Burlington Coat Factory. I think it’s quite an improvement over the button piece!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Navy Wrap Dress

Navy and white wrap dress, Merona. Dark gray, long-sleeved tee, Bitten. Light gray scarf, gift from my MIL. Gray slouchy boots, White Mountain. Dark gray tights, Merona. Silver hoop earrings, Nine West.

Ah, yes. This is THE wrap dress that started it all and that I’ve remixed in so, so many ways. I’ve accented it with
orange and brown
coral and brown
and gray.

Yes, I intend to wear this scarf indoors, all day. I’ve found that a bare breastbone chills me faster than any other exposed body part. I don’t know how women could stand it when décolleté was standard. In case I do decide to remove the scarf, though, I’ve done some pretty layering at the neckline.

The weather is still unusually warm for January, so I’m able to wear my favorite coat ever. (Red coat, Bebe)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Late Navy

Navy swing cardigan, Mossimo or Merona or something with an “M” from Target. Orange sweater vest, Cherokee. Lace blouse, H&M (via swap). Red and orange tweed pants, Moda International. Orange brooch, thrifted. Brown booties, Style & Co. Gold watch, Raymond Weil.

I woke up two hours late this morning. I guess I haven’t really figured out how my new alarm works. Thank goodness my outfit was preselected. I’ve got greasy hair and minimal make-up, though, so be kind in the comments. By skipping a shower and my usual, lengthy make-up routine, I made up enough time to only be one hour late to work.

It’s nearly impossible to get a flattering photograph of myself in these pants. No matter my weight or the pose, they put my lower half in the spotlight. Honestly, the trousers don’t seem quite so attention-grabbing in person.

Interview Navy

Black shrug, INC. Black lace blouse, Newport News. Navy skirt with black pinstripes and black lace trim, Moda International. Orange slip and gold-tone earrings, thrifted. Black pumps, Bandolino.

I maybe lied a little yesterday. My navy and white wrap dress wasn’t actually my first item of navy clothing. Way back in 2003, I bought a navy suit to prepare for upcoming interviews as I transitioned back to civilian life. It wasn’t difficult to incorporate into my wardrobe, though, because it has black pinstripes and is trimmed in black lace. For interviews, I paired it with a black tank and black pumps without a second thought.

I rarely wear the jacket, though. It seems too big or too formal or both for everyday work. I only whip it out for interviews.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mail Bag: Dressy-Casual Pants

…here is my dilemma...I personally am not fond of jeans on me any longer. I find them unflattering on me and I always feel "under dressed" even if the occasion is casual (meaning everyone else is wearing jeans). I'm looking for pants, not necessarily skirts, which would work well in a casual setting. I would be so thankful if you could please hint me towards some looks that you have achieved with this dilemma.

Thank You so much!!


Your question takes me back to my days in the USMC, stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Even off duty, in civilian attire, we had to abide by the local command’s dress code. The rules included: no exercise clothing (unless you were actually working out), no tank tops for men, no spaghetti straps for women, belts always worn if your clothing had belt loops, no visible underwear, no exposed midriff, no holey, tattered, or dirty clothing. Basically, we were required to look neat and sharp at all times. While jeans could be worn, officers (like myself) were discouraged from wearing them, particularly at command events. I had two pair of khakis that I would have to starch and iron (with creases!) for any non-uniformed, official functions. How I grew to hate khaki pants!

But khakis were the first thing I thought to suggest to you for pants that are dressier than jeans, but still casual. Chains like The Gap usually carry khaki pants as a staple. I’ve bought khakis at department stores, but you have to search to find them in updated cuts (i.e. not mom jeans). I’m afraid I don’t have any photos of myself in khakis. I’d like to pretend the khaki-period never existed for me.

For the cooler months, I like corduroy pants. They come in a variety of wales and colors. I recently heard that they are considered “out” by the younger set, but I think they have an old school vibe about them that is always “in.” Corduroy strikes me as less preppy than khaki, but still dressier than jeans. (A pic of me in my other corduroy pants here)

If you hate khakis and corduroy, you may want to reconsider denim. True, denim can be uber casual, but you can formalize them with the right wash and cut. A dark wash not only flatters, but looks dressy enough for a night out with heels. The current trouser-cut jeans are a less casual style than your usual boot-cut.

I’m curious to hear what suggestions other readers have. Cargo pants are too casual and actual trousers may be too formal. It seems that the dressy-casual pant is an under-represented category in current clothing offerings!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Schoolgirl Navy

Gray sweater, NY & Co. White lace blouse, Newport News. Tartan skirt with tulle detail hem, Tulle. Gray fishnets, Merona. Gray slouchy boots, White Mountain. Brooch, thrifted.

Every once in a while I do something really dorky with my daily wardrobe, like a theme week. I’ve done a green week and one inspired by an In Style layout. This week, it’s all about navy.

I used to be terrified of navy. To my way of thinking, if I committed to one navy item, I’d have to buy navy shoes, a navy bag, and navy jewelry, at the very least, in order to incorporate the color into my wardrobe. I bravely bought my navy and white Merona wrap dress last spring and found that I didn’t need another single navy item to wear with it. I gradually became braver, buying more navy items, including my favorite: a navy swing cardigan (again, from Merona!) I’ve mixed navy with every color but purple. Even navy and black is nothing to shy away from. Finally, just a few weeks ago, I bought my first pair of navy shoes. They’re sandals, though, so you won’t get to see them until spring.