Sunday, July 31, 2011


Cutting the legs off a pair of jeans isn’t really a DIY, but I did do it myself. I don’t think I’ve “made” a pair of jean shorts since high school. This pair is ridiculously comfortable. I may have worn and slept in them a few times before these photos were taken.

Tee, H&M. Jorts, Levi’s (thrifted and hacked). Sandals, Aerosoles. Bag, Charming Charlie. Earrings, Monica D. Spiked cuff, thrifted. Silver cuff, G Chilton.

Cut-off denim seems to be trending this summer. My favorite style has a mid-length* inseam with the frayed edges turned up. I’m really not a fan of the cut-offs that resemble denim underpants.

Photos by Beefy Muchacho

I recently saw another fun version of cut-offs: 4-inch-ish inseam, no hem, no turn up, and vents cut into the sides. I may have to hack up another pair of thrifted jeans.

Are you a jorts DIY-er? How do you cut the perfect denim shorts?

*My definition of “mid-length” is 5 inches.

July Purchases

JC Penney

1. Mixit Orange Leather Stud Wrap Bracelet, $5.39
2. Allen B Mesh Legging, $16.38. Not pictured because it’s been too hot to wear these!


3. Calypso St Barth for Target scarf, $13.98
4. Set of bracelets, $12.99 (Top three bracelets in the below picture.)

St Vincent de Paul

5. Roundy Bay luau dress, $2.25
6. Christopher Banks plaid shirt, $2.25

7. Feathered belt, $1
8. Pony hair belt, $1

9. Bracelet, $1 (It’s the wider, perforated, silver bangle in the below and above pics.)

10. Jones New York buffalo checked tunic, $2.25
11. Mossimo plaid flannel shirt, $2.25 (So 1990's, right?)
12. Kelly green clutch, $4.99

Gayle’s Vintage
My friend, Colette, has been trying to drag me to Gayle’s Vintage for months. I finally made it over to her Milford shop and fell in love – both with the merchandise and Gayle! I think she’s a dead ringer for Maude (of Harold and Maude).

13. Lace jacket, $15
14. Ring, $6
15. Tassel earrings, $4

Brooklyn Flea

16. Fort bracelets, $40. (The two bracelets closest to my hand.)

The brass bracelets, dripping with deadstock chains, pushed me over my $100 monthly budget, but were so worth it. I'm willing to spend more to support local artists. I love how they pair with my other bangles and add texture to the mix.

June total: $130.73

Total spending for the year: $829.41

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let's Go Krogering

When I moved to Cincinnati, I couldn’t find the grocery store. There wasn’t a single familiar name. I grew up with Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Albertson’s. In Cincinnati, I saw Bigg’s, IGA, and Kroger, Kroger, Kroger. It didn’t take me long to learn that “let’s go Krogering,” was code for grocery shopping.

Shirt, Christopher & Banks (thrifted). Skirt, Jack BB Dakota. Belt, Forever 21. Sandals, Aerosoles. Earrings, Monica D. Bangles, Claire’s and Target. Wrap bracelet, Mixit. Bag Charming Charlie.

I used to prefer Bigg’s (because of the muffins), but the store near my house closed. I’m not too broken up about shifting to Kroger because it has a Starbucks inside. Grocery shopping with a latte in hand is much more tolerable than shopping caffeine-free.

Photos by Beefy Muchacho

The Bag That Goes With Everything

I usually change out my purse every day or two, but somehow this blue-green purse seemed to go with all my outfits this week.

Who needs a brown bag?

It's interesting to note how the picture width and quality diminish the further I go back in my archives. There are also fewer cropped or detail shots available.