Monday, March 31, 2014

March Purchases


1. Xhilaration gray and black leggings (although the package said jeggings), $6.00.
2. Black and white Merona purse, $34.99
3. Xhilaration watch, $22.99. This is a knock-off of the La Mer watches. Foul play, indeed, after Target collaborated with La Mer on a very similar collection of wrap watches.
4. Floral and polkadot sunglasses, $12.99

My Sister’s Closet

This is still my favorite place to shop!

5. Bracelet, $4.00
6. Rockies pastel plaid, snap-front western shirt, $5.00


7. Leggings Queen ankle zip faux leather leggings, $24.95 - $20 gift card = $4.95. These aren’t quite as versatile as I’d hoped. I’m afraid that the ankle zipper would be very uncomfortable stuffed into boots. But they look super sexy paired with pumps.

Eco Thrift

8. Floral blouse, $1.48. This sleeveless blouse is polyester, but so inexpensive that I couldn’t pass it up.


9. Diane von Furstenburg sleeveless wrap dress, $38.00.

Canvas Boutique

10. SheBoBo bag, $48.00. I love the neon green zipper!


11. Black and red sunglasses, $3.00

March total: $179.92

Total spending for the year: $434.69

Remaining 2014 budget: $1365.31.

Spring Hare

I’m still wearing my fall and winter wardrobe (plaid, wool, and lots of red), but I’ve updated my hair for the new season!

Vest, AC-3998 (cut from a thrifted jacket). Dress (worn as a shirt), Muse (gift from a reader). Skirt, Hauber Sporting Life (thrifted). Boots, Style & Co (thrifted). Sunglasses, Girlprops. Earrings and bag, Charming Charlie.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sporty Sunday: Hiking North Peak Montara Mountain

I almost didn’t make the 2 hour drive from Sacramento for a measly, 6-mile hike, but I’m glad we did. It’s a butt-kicking 2,200 foot elevation gain to Mount Montara’s north peak. Along the way (and back down again), you are treated to breathtaking views. And, afterwards, you can visit some of Northern California’s prettiest beaches (including a nude beach, if you’re so inclined).

We parked in the Gray Whale Cove parking lot (McNee Ranch State Park) and took the Gray Whale Cove Trail until it intersected with Old San Pedro Road. From there, we followed 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California’s directions up the once-paved road to a fire road and, finally, up the north peak of Mount Montara. The peak is reputed to have a 360-degree view, but we managed to time our summit to coincide with thick clouds. (This is, after all, the northern California coast.)

Much of the climb is accomplished between miles 1.6 and 1.9. It is the longest third of a mile I’ve ever hiked. I felt especially out of shape when a man running up the hill passed me. If you are so inclined, there are organized runs up this mountain. For the insane. Walking without a stop was strenuous enough for me!

A word of warning: this shrubbery bordering the trail is thick with poison oak. Old San Pedro Road is wide enough to avoid the oily leaves, but a shortcut we took to return to Gray Whale Cove Trail had me glad I wore long pants and clutching my naked hands to my chest. If you venture onto a side trail or out into the wild for a bathroom break, BEWARE! (I have an absolute horror of poison oak after getting my first dose on the Feather Falls trail last week.)

Other than poison oak, the flora is a delight. We saw many wildflowers in bloom and I enjoyed the transition of species as we gained elevation. Currently blooming: poppy, lupine, currant, hemlock, thimbleberry, solomon’s seal, manzanita and others.

After the hike, it’s time to get personal with the gray-green waves, glittering foam, and silvery beaches you’ve been admiring from the trail for the past four hours. Gray Whale Cove beach is just across the street from where we parked. It has a reputation as a nude beach and does not allow dogs. The latter was a deal breaker for us, so we drove down the road about half a mile to Montara Beach for some frisbee fun. (Montara Beach does allow dogs, but requires them to be on a leash. I won’t say we broke the law, but I’ll let you imagine how much fun frisbee would be if your partner is connected to you by a six foot lead.)

I’ve been hesitant to explore hikes in the coastal region south of San Francisco because of potential traffic issues and likely heavy use. As long as we arrive early (we began our hike at 7 a.m and were back to the car by 10), both objections seem to be manageable.

Source: Soares, John R. and Soares, Marc J. "North Peak Montara Mountain." 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California. 3rd ed. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books, 2008. Print.

Length: 6 miles

Water: No water, other than a few puddles, on this trail.

Use: Moderate. I think the steep grade keeps use lower than that of Gray Whale Cove Trail. (Gray Whale Cove Trail use is heavy.)

Differences from published description: None.

Jasper’s rating: 4.5 paws out of 5.

Sporty Sunday is a recurring feature in which I share my fitness routine and offer and solicit advice. While this content might seem a little out of place in an outfit diary, a healthy, strong body is the foundation of my wardrobe. I hope to inspire my readers to be fit as well as stylish!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Carmen Sandiego

I was told I resembled Carmen Sandiego in this getup. It’s certainly a step up from Waldo!

Sweater, thrifted. Dress, Theory. Tights, Nine West. Boots, Audrey Brooke (consignment). Hat, Nine West. Sunglasses, Girl Props. Scarf, gift. Necklaces, gift and vintage. Bag, Charming Charlie.

Carmen and Waldo:

Thursday, March 27, 2014


The common color between this floral blouse and zigzag dress is a peachy shade. I emphasized the shared color with orange lips, earrings, and bag.

Jacket, INC (consignment). Shirt, Ambience Apparel (thrifted). Dress, Body Central. Tights, Target. Boots, Nine West. Sunglasses, Target. Earrings, vintage. Bag, Melie Bianco.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Under Cover Recess

I grew up in wet southwest Washington state and it often rained at recess. Those were some of the most fun recesses of all because we would spend it under the walkways that connected the school’s “pods” (small buildings of 6 classrooms each). Somehow the games got more imaginative when we were confined to narrow shelters from the rain.

Sneaky outfit photos on the parking garage stairs are more fun in the rain, too. With fewer people about, I feel comfortable trying different angles and poses.

Jacket, Allen B. Shirt, Old Navy. Skirt, Chaus Jeanswear (consignment). Boots, Style & Co (thrifted). Necklace, VCLM. Brooch, thrifted. Bag, Merona.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Pink with red doesn’t have to be reserved for Valentine’s Day. Boots can be worn with bare legs. And floral and camo go together anytime of the year. It’s fashion lawlessness!

Jacket, Bebe (consignment). Dress, Adrianna Papell (consignment) . Boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren. Sunglasses, Target. Necklace, Girlshop. Bag, Merona.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Beach Bum

Swap these heels for flipflops and it looks like I’m headed for the beach!

In actuality, this was just an ill-considered work outfit. I haven’t been to the beach since December. Unless you count the river “beach.” In that case, I was a beach bum on Saturday AND Sunday. (And I’m perhaps 200 yards from the beach in these photos.)

Dress, Parker. Shirt, Rockies (consignment). Shoes, Linea Paolo. Earrings, Girlshop. Bag, SheBoBo.

Photos from the American River beach on Saturday and Sunday:

Jasper loves his new ball

In the absence of a manufactured toy, Jasper makes his own from a random piece of wood

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sporty Sunday: Hiking Feather Falls

100 Classic Hikes in Northern California describes this hike as a “smorgasbord of natural delights” and I agree. It has streams, forest, views, falls, wildflowers and wildlife. The spring flowers are blooming and we saw shooting star, bleeding heart, wild ginger, indian paintbrush, and California bay laurel in flower. Early in the hike, I found a pair of newts and subjected them to a photoshoot. We admired Feather Falls (the 6th highest in the U.S.) from a distance, but found plenty of other waterways and small falls to splash in. There is even a view of a granite dome, similar to Yosemite’s Half Dome.

The guide book directed us to the falls on the shorter, steeper trail and back on the longer, gentler trail. This was a great way to add variety to the walk but also give the legs and lungs a break on the return. From the falls, we took the suggested spur along Fall River (above Feather Falls) to the homestead site, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The campsites along Fall River are full of trash, ruining the illusion of a pristine wilderness. The “homestead” destination is undetectable, but for a few fruit trees. Finally, the chain-link “cage” directly over the falls looks extremely unsafe. I recommend hiking to the falls and directly back, saving any extra energy for a splash in Frey Creek.

Feather Falls is impressive and easily viewed from a well-constructed platform along the canyon cliffs downstream from the falls. The platform is the perfect place to rest, refuel, and take the pictures to prove you were there.

This hike is as good as it gets in the Sierra off-season. The only drawbacks were the gnats and the long drive from Sacramento. Otherwise, it’s a great late fall/winter/early spring trek.

Source: Soares, John R. and Soares, Marc J. "Feather Falls." 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California. 3rd ed. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books, 2008. Print.

Length: 8.8 miles

Water: The level of Lake Oroville was low, but the tributaries encountered on the hike, Fall River, Frey Creek, and seasonal streams, were all flowing.

Use: Moderate. We hiked this on a Friday and I saw more users than I expected on a weekday in March. I suspect that use is heavy on a summer weekend. Although horses and mountain bikes are permitted, I saw only hikers and dogs.

Differences from published description: The chain-link cage over Feather Falls is in disrepair.

Jasper’s rating: 4.5 paws out of 5.

Sporty Sunday is a recurring feature in which I share my fitness routine and offer and solicit advice. While this content might seem a little out of place in an outfit diary, a healthy, strong body is the foundation of my wardrobe. I hope to inspire my readers to be fit as well as stylish!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Modern Red

According to J Crew, orange is the new red. Or at least it was in August of 2012 when I bought the schoolboy blazer in “modern red.” Even if orange is no longer the new red, I still love this color.

Blazer, J Crew. Dress, thrifted and shortened. Shoes, Two Lips. Sunglasses, Target. Earrings, vintage. Belt, thrifted. Bag, SheBoBo.