Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Purchases

I think 18-year-old Kasmira took over my body to spend my budget this month. I bought items totally out of character for 38-year-old me: tshirts, short denim shorts, sneakers, and an overall dress. Most of it was in style 20 years ago, too.


1. Patriotic Mickey tee, $14.00.
2. Black converse knock-offs, $16.99.


I’m obsessed with faded denim and overalls. 1993 much?

3. Hydraulic overall dress, $14.96.
4. Tilt denim skirt, $0.74.

Forever 21

5. Denim shorts, $15.80.
6. Mickey ringer tee, $13.80.
7. White denim shorts, $17.80.

Long Beach Antique Market

8. Beaded earrings, $10.00.

Downtown Disney

9. Star Wars tee, $32.00.


10. Combined leather high heeled court shoe, $39.99.

My only grown-up purchase was a huge disappointment. Cute shoes. Won’t stay on my feet. I will be experimenting with inserts to try and make these wearable!

Jillian’s Consignment Boutique

11. Under Skies Dress, $21.99. This was a sort-of-grown-up purchase. It’s a junior’s dress, but I’m making it work for work.

July total: $198.07

Total spending for the year: $1086.76

Remaining 2014 budget: $713.24.

P.S. I didn’t publish a June purchases post because I *gasp* didn’t buy anything.


This little cropped vest was nearly purged a few times in the last seven years. As time goes on, I wear it less and less often, but it somehow survives the closet cleanouts. Before this summer, I hadn’t worn it since July 2012. And now, I’ve worn it three times in a few months. (But, really, I think I’m about done with it.)

Vest, Charlotte Russe. Dress, Prabal Gurung for Target. Shoes, Gianni Bini. Sunglasses, Girlprops. Brooch, thrifted. Bag, Nicole Lee.

Monday, July 28, 2014


This is the first time I’ve seen the I-80 Yolo bypass completely dry. This drought is pretty serious.

Dress, Peter Som for Kohl’s. Shoes, Seychelles. Sunglasses, Girlprops. Earrings and belt, thrifted. Bag, Walgreen’s. Bracelet, Charming Charlie.

This heat is pretty serious, too. I'm struggling to find appropriate, yet cool, outfits each day. (And also gaining a new appreciation for my sales calls in Suisun City, where the temps are a good 10 degrees cooler than Sacramento.)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Star Wars Tee

I’ve become a person who buys (and wears!) t-shirts. I got out of the tee habit during my time in the military. We were encouraged to wear collared shirts* off-duty, except when exercising. I still love a more structured button-front shirt, but I’ve discovered a new appreciation for the perfectly worn in tee.

Shirt, Junk Food. Skirt, Tilt (thrifted). Shoes, Tom’s. Hat, Charlotte Russe. Sunglasses, Target. Earrings, vintage.

*Polo shirts = THE WORST!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Silk Camo Pants

I’ve been hesitant to wear these pants to work. Although the fabric is silk, the print, cut, and details seemed too casual for customer visits. I finally threw caution to the wind and wore them for sales calls on a Friday.

Blouse, Maeve (consignment). Pants, Da Nang (consignment). Shoes, Enzo Angiolini. Sunglasses, Target. Earrings, vintage. Bag, Colini Handbags (thrifted). Bracelets, Epcot Morocco.

Once I committed to wearing these in a more formal situation than usual, I was quite comfortable. There’s nothing like neck to ankle silk on a 100 degree day!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Don’t be surprised. It’s pattern mixing and a shirt tied over a dress. Were you expecting something else?

Shirt, Forever 21. Dress, Lipstick. Shoes, Seychelles. Sunglasses, Target. Earrings, Jack E Ohs NYC. Bag, Merona.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pack It In

Now that I no longer work at my company’s World Headquarters, my dress is significantly less corporate. In fact, it’s often more business creative than business casual. During a recent organizational meeting, I took the opportunity to put together a more formal look that would have fit right in at my old job.

Jacket, Odds ‘N Evens (thrifted). Dress, Adrianna Papell (consignment). Shoes, Seychelles. Earrings, Girlshop. Bag, Merona.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I’ve got so many layering combos planned for this dress. It’s perfect to layer under and over. I think it will even play nicely with tights and boots! (But not for many, many months.)

Dress, Under Skies (consignment). Blouse, Victoria’s Secret. Shoes, Prabal Gurung for Target. Earrings, Girlshop. Bag, Merona.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Everybody in the Joint

I’ve really tried to embrace the skinny jean trend. After eight years of trying, I give up. I hear denim styles are shifting to different silhouettes, but maybe I’m just not a jeans girl. I AM, a leggings and short denim shorts girl, though.

Shirt, Disney. Shorts, Forever 21. Leggings, Allen B. Boots, Madden Girl.

Maybe that’s because the combo (especially if the shorts are oversized), is a lot like leggings and a short skirt, without the chance of a crotch shot. Because if there is anything I love, it’s a skirt and sitting inappropriately (not necessarily together, but it does often happen).