Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Purchases

I think 18-year-old Kasmira took over my body to spend my budget this month. I bought items totally out of character for 38-year-old me: tshirts, short denim shorts, sneakers, and an overall dress. Most of it was in style 20 years ago, too.


1. Patriotic Mickey tee, $14.00.
2. Black converse knock-offs, $16.99.


I’m obsessed with faded denim and overalls. 1993 much?

3. Hydraulic overall dress, $14.96.
4. Tilt denim skirt, $0.74.

Forever 21

5. Denim shorts, $15.80.
6. Mickey ringer tee, $13.80.
7. White denim shorts, $17.80.

Long Beach Antique Market

8. Beaded earrings, $10.00.

Downtown Disney

9. Star Wars tee, $32.00.


10. Combined leather high heeled court shoe, $39.99.

My only grown-up purchase was a huge disappointment. Cute shoes. Won’t stay on my feet. I will be experimenting with inserts to try and make these wearable!

Jillian’s Consignment Boutique

11. Under Skies Dress, $21.99. This was a sort-of-grown-up purchase. It’s a junior’s dress, but I’m making it work for work.

July total: $198.07

Total spending for the year: $1086.76

Remaining 2014 budget: $713.24.

P.S. I didn’t publish a June purchases post because I *gasp* didn’t buy anything.

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