Friday, February 27, 2009

Oom Pah Pah

Tuxedo blazer, Odds ‘n Evens (thrifted). Blouse, Worthington. Skirt, Jones New York Country (thrifted). Boots, White Moutain. Brooch, Newport News. Bag, Tommy Hilfiger.

Hurrah! It’s Friday – so let’s have an odd glass, display our pretty ankles, and sing oom pah pah.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Balls

Blazer, Forever 21 (with trim added by me). Sweater, Ann Taylor Loft. Skirt, Herman Geist (thrifted and shortened). Boots, Nine West. Earrings, Forever 21. Scarf, Camp Foster “mall.” Cat, Bear.

Below: Coat, Weatherbee (vintage). Purse, Crown Lewis (vintage). Cat, Smunch.

We have a few days left in February…have you thought about the month’s recession challenge? I spent most of the month thinking before I finally decided on a project. I had about a yard of ball trim - not enough to trim the hem of another skirt, but plenty to encircle my waist, edge sleeves, or finish the ends of a scarf. When I found that the color was a perfect match for this jacket, I settled for stitching it around the waistband. I chose hand basting over using fusible web tape so that I could remove it if I tire of the little balls.

As you complete the challenge, either leave me a comment or send me an email. If you blog about your creation, send me the link. If you’re not a blogger, feel free to send a picture and/or description and I’ll include it in a final round-up. Please note that this isn’t a contest – I’d like everyone to share their results for inspiration, not competition.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As If

Cardigan, Moda International. Dress, Esley. Gray fishnet tights, Simply Vera. Maryjanes, Two Lips. Clutch, Express. Necklace, Xhilaration.

Despite how it may appear in the full-body shots, I'm not wearing sheer black hose, but gray fishnets.

See? Fishnets, not sheer hose.

New necklace from Tar-jay.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Experiment No 587

Cardigan, Moda International. Tank, Apt 9. Skirt, Edie Bauer. Tights, Apostrophe. Sandals, Nine West. Headband, Forever 21. Belt, swap.

Lately, I’ve been curious about red and purple. Can they be worn together without looking like a reject from the Red Hat Society? This is actually my first attempt, not the five hundred and eighty seventh.

Crazy crochet tights

Monday, February 23, 2009


Sweater, vintage. Dress, Max Studio. Boots, Rampage. Leggings, Forever 21. Purse, vintage and thrifted. Earrings, Camp Foster PX.

The Big Messy Side Bun (BMSB) is one of my favorite hairstyles at the moment.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Poncho, Christopher & Banks. Turtleneck sweater, Charlotte Russe. Miniskirt, London Jean. Tights, Target? Boots, Diba. Earrings, Pangaea

I saw Godspell for the first time today. Again, the production was excellent but I disliked the script. It was an overly simplistic and childish presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ending was disturbingly macabre. I did enjoy the vocal performances, costumes, dancing, and choreography. And the shirtless Jesus was blasphemously delish.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Cardigan, Old Navy. Turtleneck, Merona. Jeans, M. Necklace, Xhilaration. Socks, Target? Booties, Sigerson Morrison for Target. Clutch, Express.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Cardigan, Apt 9 (thrifted). Dress and tights, Forever 21. Boots, Rampage. Earrings, Claire’s.

It’s true: I’m a homebody. I’d much rather curl up with a book, a kitty, and a hot drink than go out. If I must leave the house, it helps to wrap myself in a homebody cardigan.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Lucky Love

Cardigan, J Crew (swap). Dress, vintage (shortened and swap). Belt, Body Central. Tights, Merona. Boots, White Mountain. Bag, Target.

Like academichic, I enjoyed the March Lucky’s orange and gray spread. I got this sweater from a swap months ago, but I’ve found it hard to wear. I can’t decide if the main body is gray or beige or just some sort of odd in-between shade. Let’s pretend it’s gray today.

Funny, crazy hair.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Jacket, Esley. Dress, London Times. Guatemalan belt, thrifted. Tights, Express. Boots, Nine West. Purse, Prague (thrifted). Ring, Silpada.

I wouldn’t normally have thought to combine purple and blue-green, but I like the way the color mix turned out. I originally tried this outfit with the black version of this dress, and my black pirate boots, but it came off a little hooker-ish. Swapping out the colors and boots made it more quirky and less “you lookin' for a date?”

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bicycling in the Dark

Jacket, Dex (swap). Dress, No Boundaries. Leggings, Danskin. Boots, Diba. Bag, Nine West. Earrings, Pangaea. Cat, Bear.

I went bicycling in the dark to attend a get together at my friend Abby’s house. The ride was fine until I was almost there and the sidewalk ended. Although I had a headlight and blinking taillight, I was still honked and yelled at for being on the road. Thankfully, the sidewalk-less portion was short and I caught a ride home.

Cincinnati is not a bike-friendly city.

He may look all cuddly, but Bear is clawing the heck out of my neck in this shot.


Sweater, The Limited. Tank, Merona. Scarf, Camp Foster “mall.” Trouser jeans, Express. Booties, Style & Co. Applique brooch, self-made. Bag, MCI (thrifted).

I may have gotten a little overly matchy on the green accents. I’m afraid a tendency for excessive matchiness is just one of my fatal flaws.

I don’t wear this scarf very often. The ombre fading doesn’t display well, unless it’s worn the way I’ve styled it today. When just tied in my standard hacking knot, all you see is the faded ends. I’ll have to try the chi chi wrap with this scarf in the future.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Velvet blazer, Cami. Skirt, 4th of July flea market in Longview, WA. Boots, Rampage. Earrings, World Market. Bag, Apt 9.

Today’s outfit was inspired by EJ who suggested I pair blue-green and burgundy. Thanks, EJ! I'm sorry I didn't get around to this pairing earlier.

Ah, yes, how I love to post pictures of my ass on the internet.

And pics of my new boots! Time to update the wishlist.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Banana Who?

Blouse, Merona. Dress, Bitten (shortened). Boots, White Mountain. Charm necklace, thrifted. Watch, Raymond Weil.

Coat, Weatherbee (vintage). Bag, Target.

I’m wearing one of my banana clips in my hair today. I like the “horse mane” effect. The clips do require adjusting throughout the day, though.

And did you know that some people can’t taste the banana flavor? I learned this from one blogger’s firsthand experience with the inability to taste the chemical that gives bananas their particular flavor, but I’ll be damned if I can find that blog now!

Final banana comment: I made banana-blueberry bread this past weekend. Swoon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Dress, Forever 21. Vest, Charlotte Russe. Booties, Sigerson Morrison for Target. Bag, Apt 9. Necklace, Urban Outfitters.

Coat, Bebe

I love these booties…but they are hard to pair things with! The intense color demands a neutral background and accents of a similar saturation. When I wear the shoes with skirts, I have to be careful that the skirt length and legwear elongate my leg to compensate for the bootie’s shortening effect. A recap of how I’ve worn them so far:

Any future suggestions?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Funky Staid

Blazer, borrowed. Blouse, Charlotte Russe. Dress, Newport News. Pendant, thrifted. Belt (worn as a necklace), Camp Foster PX. Fishnets, Simply Vera. Studded pumps, Oh Deer!

I have some SERIOUS dimples

I thought it was fun (and kind of schizophrenic) to combine very serious elements (blazer, dress, handbag) with funkier pieces (pendant/belt-as-a-necklace combo, blouse, and shoes).

Londyn found this “headpiece of the Staff of Ra” pendant when we were thrifting, but I bought it. I never wear the chain “belt” as it was intended to be worn. I like it much better as a necklace…or id badge lanyard.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Sweater, Wet Seal. Dress, Lani. Boots, Diba. Bag, Target. Amber pendant, Ali’s Boutique.

I ran 6 miles (training again for the Flying Pig half marathon again) and then walked over to Newport to see 1776. I’ve never had a desire to see or audition for this musical. History + almost all male cast = deadly dull, in my book. But my friend directed this production, so I loyally attended. It wasn’t so bad*. I liked the “depressing” songs best: “Mama Look Sharp” and “Molasses to Rum.”

On a lighter note…I had a surprise waiting for me when I tried to put my right boot on this morning. Half a mousie*** was jammed into the toe! That’s the kind of delightful surprise you get as a cat momma. Not so delightful: stepping in barf as you walk down the stairs in the dark, barefoot.

Once the mousie was removed, the boots proved to be extremely comfortable. I wore them to walk from downtown Cincinnati to the theater in Newport and back – a total of three miles.

*Please don’t take my lukewarm review to mean that the production wasn’t excellent. The play itself is just not my cup of tea**.

**I’ve been totally abusing the asterisks lately.

***Edited to add that it was a TOY mousie in the boot. That's the bright pink thing I'm holding in the first picture beneath the mouse story.