Friday, February 13, 2009

Bicycling in the Dark

Jacket, Dex (swap). Dress, No Boundaries. Leggings, Danskin. Boots, Diba. Bag, Nine West. Earrings, Pangaea. Cat, Bear.

I went bicycling in the dark to attend a get together at my friend Abby’s house. The ride was fine until I was almost there and the sidewalk ended. Although I had a headlight and blinking taillight, I was still honked and yelled at for being on the road. Thankfully, the sidewalk-less portion was short and I caught a ride home.

Cincinnati is not a bike-friendly city.

He may look all cuddly, but Bear is clawing the heck out of my neck in this shot.


Sheila said...

I've seen the same thing happen to cyclists here. I don't think it's the city - I think it's the drivers!

I get honked at for being in a crosswalk! I'm taking my life into my hands every time I step out into the street.

I love this outfit - the boots are fab. Bear is adorable, but he doesn't look like he likes to cuddle.

Anonymous said...

outside of my building (in DC) there is a crosswalk with a sign on either wide of it telling drivers to stop for pedestrians (as the crosswalk is not at a corner or light, but in the middle of a longer strip of street)
the other day, my coworker + i were crossing the street + a driver proceeded toward us at full speed and honked at us for not getting out of the way fast enough.
i responded bu flipping him the bird + pointing at the sign.

drivers are batty!

Monique said...

Oh, silly Ohio... no really, I believe it's just the drivers as well. If they're in a car, they think they own the street!

Great outfit, btw. It looks comfy but oh-so cute too!

Carla said...

I am fortunate enough to live in one of the more bike-friendly communities out there (Eugene, OR), but I definitely encounter my share of the crazies when I'm out on the bike. I think seeing a cyclist/pedestrian is a trigger for certain people to act up. Not surprisingly, their numbers increase after dark. At least you know you probably looked much cuter than any of them:)

I really admire your ability to wear a skirt while biking. I've mastered most types of footwear, but can't really do the skirt without some sort of unfortunate incident occurring.

Adele said...

Those boots just get better and better! ;-)

sabina said...

I can't believed that you were honked at by drivers as you cycled, especially when you had both front and tail lights. Unbelieveable.