Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WCC Year 2: Day 3

I’ve had “a white button-down shirt with special details” on my unofficial wishlist for ages. I found this frilly (and a bit pirate-y) number at the J Crew outlet north of the city. I predict it will sell well for J Crew. The woman in line ahead of me was buying one in black.

Blouse, J Crew. Dress, To the Max. Earrings, Target. Tights, Urban Outfitters. Buckle pumps, Two Lips.

I didn’t realize these tights had an ombre coloration until I pulled them out of the package. I thought they were navy. Instead, I discovered that the color gradates from cerulean blue at the waistband to black at the toes. I’m not sure if I’m a fan. I think the gradation would have been more flattering if it had been reversed.

Capsule items:

Continuity piece: same shoes as yesterday

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WCC Year 2: Day 2

This striped cardigan is from JC Penney’s I Heart Ronson fall line. I spotted it during the dress stalking and knew it would be the perfect cool weather version of my yellow and white striped Old Navy cardi. Stand by for more pattern mixing.

Cardigan, I Heart Ronson. Wrap dress and tank, Merona. Charm necklace, Kenneth Cole Reaction. Buckle pumps, Two lips.

Capsule items:

Continuity piece: same tank as yesterday

Monday, September 28, 2009

WCC Year 2: Day 1

I spent most of the day in my pyjamas, cleaning my house, but donned my first challenge outfit to attend the breaking of the fast that marks the end of Yom Kippur. I was worried that this outfit might be too casual (I’m not Jewish and had no idea of appropriate attire), but it turned out to be a very laid back event.

Jacket, Esley. Tank, Merona. Jeans, Express (freshly overdyed with black). Pumps, Oh Deer. Bag, Payless.

Capsule items:

Wardrobe Capsule Challenge, Year 2

This week marks my second participation in Jane’s Wardrobe Capsule Challenge. Like last year, I’ve chosen a palette so that I can easily mix and match my 10 wardrobe items and 5 accessories. Last year’s palette was navy, black, and gray. This year, I’ve chosen navy, purple, and white (with a splash of yellow).

Ten Wardrobe Items

Satin jacket, striped cardigan, solid purple cardigan, wrap dress, jersey dress, ruffled blouse, tank, straight-leg jeans, buckle pumps, and studded pumps

Five Accessories

(Hosiery is “free” according to the rules, but, since I’ll be using tights for impact, I thought they should at least count for half an accessory each.)

Enamel and metal earrings, charm necklace, mustard purse and navy tote, blue ombre tights, purple tights

I take a lot of stuff to work each day (food and workout clothes), so I need a tote in addition to my purse. I probably won’t picture the tote, but trust that I have it with me!

I’m on vacation Monday, but the rest of my outfits will be business casual.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I wore this to watch the Bengals v Steelers game today on television. Just to be contrary, I told the Bengals fans that I was wearing black, white, and yellow to support the Steelers.

Sweater, Mossimo. Striped cardigan, Old Navy. Miniskirt, American Standard Tyte (thrifted and overdyed). Openweave tights, Forever 21. Loafers, American Eagle for Payless. Bag, Deux Lux. Earrings, selfmade.

Actually, I wore these colors as a part of a style chain started by A Cat of Impossible Color, inspired by this photo:

My homage: