Saturday, March 31, 2007

Old Dress

Red sundress with white flowers, All That Jazz. Black, long-sleeved tee, Mossimo. Dark jeans, Calvin Klein. Red patent belt, Xhilaration. Red patent peep-toe flats, New York & Company. Cherry earrings, Claire’s Boutique. Blue purse, Wilson’s Leather.

I bought this dress in February, 1995 at a spring clearance sale at the Mariposa in the Bellis Fair Mall (Bellingham, WA). It came with a white denim vest that had a make-up stain. I tossed the vest, as I didn’t like it anyway. I’ve been wearing this dress for 12 years now. Does that make it vintage?

This is the first time I’ve worn it over jeans, or layered it at all. I think it’s neat to take something that you’ve owned forever and wear it in a totally new way.

Friday, March 30, 2007

St. Louis: Day 4, Neutrals

Cream silk and cashmere cardigan, The Limited. Cream lace tank, George ME. Brown pants, Moda International. Blue moth medallion necklace, Anthropologie. Tan slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Red purse, Target (swap with mscherryfrost).

Last day of the seminar! I’ve missed my kitties (and, oh yeah, my husband, too).

I so often wear brightly colored clothing that neutrals are quite novel to me. Of course, I need a shot of color near the face (to avoid the oatmeal syndrome), so I’m wearing my awesome moth medallion necklace.

These pants are terminally wrinkled. I need to send them to the dry cleaners for a good pressing. I’m hoping no one will notice.

Last day for the red coat, too! I’m ready to retire until next week.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

St. Louis: Day 3, Black, White, and Red

Black sweater with flutter sleeves, Anne Taylor Loft. Black skirt with cream lace and ribbons, New York & Company. Red shoes, X Appeal. Black quilted patent headband, Claire’s Boutique. Triple-strand faux pearls, JC Penney. Red purse, Target (swap with mscherryfrost).

I’m wearing the tried and true black/white/red combo. I haven’t worn this skirt since October, but I always receive compliments on it. I’m continually surprised, because it was so inexpensive and it’s so comfortable. I guess that proves that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or be poured into your clothing to look nice.

Still wearing the red coat...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

St. Louis: Day 2, Conservative

White blouse, Mossimo. Blue sweater vest, Worthington. Gray skirt with single kick pleat, Eddie Bauer. Red shoes, X Appeal. Hoop earrings with multicolored beads, World Market. Red bag, Target (swap with mscherryfrost). Blue hairstick, Claire’s Boutique.

Our seminar begins today. As my wardrobe can be a bit eccentric, I made a conscious choice to tone it done for the first day. I still have to wear my bright red coat, though. The climate control in a hotel conference room tends to swing to extremes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

St. Louis: Day 1, Nautical

Blue and white wrap dress, Mossimo. Red patent headband and red patent belt, Xhilaration. Tan slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Red bag, Target (swap with mscherryfrost).

I flew to St. Louis this evening for a conference. I think I look pretty good in this photo, considering it’s after midnight and I’ve been traveling for eight hours. Gotta love being routed through Dallas on a trip from Cincinnati to St. Louis.

Unlike the last time I traveled, I was able to check baggage for this trip, so I could bring more clothing. Still, everything I brought had to go with either my tan or red shoes, my red bag, and my red Bebe coat. The coat was a lifesaver in the chilly airport and on the frigid plane.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ugly Day

Cropped brown wrap sweater, Banana Republic. Pink silk cami, Deep by Los Angeles. Plaid pants, Express. Brown pumps, Mossimo. Pink beads, Claire’s Boutique. Cross necklace with green stones, Target.

I think I hate these pants and this sweater. The sweater belongs to a class of colors I refer to as “oatmeal.” Something about these mushy shades makes me look ill. I spent the day groaning each time I looked at my complexion in a mirror. I bought the pants because I liked the colors (brown, pink, and green), but I just don’t think they look good on me. They are at once too small and too large. Yuck. I’m smiling in this photo because I’m about to change out of my ugly outfit.

I do like my necklace layering, though.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

80 Degrees in March

Green cropped jacket, London Jean. Lavender and pale yellow sheet tunic, My Michelle. Khaki mini, L.E.I. Wedges, Montego Bay Club (i.e. Payless!) Giraffe print sunglasses, free at the USMC uniform store. Necklace, Body Central. White, white legs, courtesy of a long winter.

Wow! We hit 80 degrees in March. I assume this means we’ll have an April snowstorm to make up for it.

Purple of any shade looks terrible on me. It may look nice against my hair, but it looks ghastly with my skin and eyes. The green jacket helps bring my coloring back to life.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Leather jacket, Wilson’s Leather. Patterned dress and brown tank, Forever 21. Brown boots, Nine West. Silver filigree earrings, import store in Japan. Silver and stone necklace, some store in the Bellis Fair mall.

I’m off to see my friends in Town Hall’s production of Suessical the Musical. Four of my castmates from The Gospel According to Tammy Faye have major roles. They all did an awesome job in Suessical – even Becky, who didn’t recognize me.

Paper the Town, Rain or Shine!

Shine: Green, puff sleeved tee, Forever 21. Denim mini, American Standard Tyte. Leopard leggings and green flip-flops, Xhilaration. Purse, Nine West. Rain: Red rain jacket, LL Bean. Leopard boots, Target.

Today we “papered the town” for Vanities. This turned out to be less exciting and more exhausting than I had imagined. I was hot and tired after visiting businesses in Wyoming, College Hill, and Northside. Thank you to all of the businesses who agreed to post our flyer (including College Hill Coffee Company, Angert’s Appliances, Casablanca Vintage, Sidewinder’s, Taylor Jameson Hair Design, and Funke’s)!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hospital Dress

White eyelet shirt dress, vintage. Lime green tank, New York & Company. Denim, Calvin Klein. Lime pumps, Colin Stuart. Red patent headband, red beads, and red patent belt, Xhilaration. Gold tone studs, Claire’s Boutique.

I call this the “hospital dress.” My friend bought it at a vintage store in January. I made endless fun of her and it at the time because I couldn’t imagine how she would wear the thing. Although I refer to it as a “hospital dress,” it’s more like a lab coat. An eyelet lab coat. Totally weird.

I guess I made too much fun because she gave it to me (although she reserves the right to take it back). I’m always up for a challenge, so I wore it to work today as a part of the Casual Friday that no longer exists at our company. I kind of like it. And the lab coat pockets are useful. I’m pretending to be a funky doctor.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bebe Coat

Red coat with big buttons, portrait collar, and bracelet sleeves, Bebe. Beige strapless dress, Newport News. Leopard print wedges, Steven by Steve Madden. Headband, Scunci. Cubic zirconia earrings, from my mom. Kitty, Yoda.

Presenting, my new coat from Bebe. Yes, it was expensive, but it was marked down to less than half the original price. I’m not sure if it’s innerwear or outerwear, but I’m damn sure that it’s too cute for only the people on the bus to see, so I wore it at the office today. I’m always cold anyway.

Why must my kitties always be in my shots! If they aren’t rubbing up against my legs, they are knocking the tripod over. Gotta love ‘em though.

I’m having a super hair day today. This is what it looked like after working all day AND teaching an aerobics class. I owe it all to Aussie Freeze.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Duplex Dress

Left: Beige coat, Casual Corner. Green and gold paisley scarf, gifted. Right: Green dress with circle print, Max Studio. White cropped cardigan, Express. Tan slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Topaz-like drop earrings, gifted. Amber beads, Body Central.

I love the cut of the bottom of this dress, but the top is an ugly tank style, so I always pair it with a sweater or jacket. (I’d be too cold in the office with bare arms anyway.) I adore the skirt and always get compliments on its swingy style. It even has saddle bags, see?

I have to buy a pair of nude dress shoes every spring. They are my favorite shoe to wear with skirts and dresses because they make the leg line look long. I’ll wear them almost daily until October and then they will be (mercifully) retired. I think this year’s pair is especially cute with the fun buckle on the toe.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Light blue sweater, Jacob (swap with Andreaiscool). Brown trumpet skirt with embellished hem, Newport News. Brown pumps, Mossimo. Pale blue scarf, Gap (up for swap!) Gold and brown necklace, Target.

On my way to my desk from the gym, I encountered some of my coworkers from my old department. I’m always happy to visit with L and J. J told me I looked “springy.” I replied that I felt springy and then started singing “I feel springy,” to the tune of “I Feel Pretty,” while performing an impromptu dance. Moments like this illustrate why I was not a good fit for military culture.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Patent Uniform

White oxford bodysuit, Moda International. Red patent belt, Xhilaration. Gray skirt with single kick pleat, Eddie Bauer. Black fishnet stockings, No Boundaries. Black patent slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Black patent headband, Claire’s Boutique.

I felt a little like I was wearing a uniform today with the blocks of white, red, gray, and black. Still, I liked the way it looked and I was very comfortable.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

Lime cardigan, Moda International. Sheer green blouse, Forever 21. Lime tank (beneath blouse), New York & Company. White pants with green pinstripes, Moda International. Lime Pumps, Colin Stuart. Green purse, JC Penney. Green beaded earrings, some import store in Okinawa, Japan. Long-haired tuxedo cat, Zoro.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Turquoise and Lime?

Turquoise faux wrap top, A Byer (thrifted). Lime green silk cami, Deep by Los Angeles. Slim jeans, Express. Lime pumps, Colin Stuart. Pale green gemstone drop earrings. Multicolored brooch, JC Penney. Pucci-esque green scarf, unknown.

If you’d asked me a few months ago if I’d wear turquoise and lime together, I would have looked at you with disgust. I mean, like, they totally clash! Craftyasschick’s daring color combinations have changed my mind. I feel quite dashing (not clashing) in these colors – and it’s a fun take on the traditional St. Patrick’s day green.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Left: Wool coat, Liz Claiborne. Leopard wellies, Target.

Right: Black shrug with faux fur collar, Takara (borrowed). Black and tan dress, Max Studio. Black tights, Danskin. Black pumps, Michelle D. Brown beaded necklace, Body Central.

The weather has returned to a much more “March-y” state. I’m not too sad, because I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to my winter wardrobe. I needed at least one more opportunity to wear my friend’s shrug before returning it. I also got to romp around in my fun rain boots this morning. Although, I admit, I wore them all winter too. I added thick socks and called them “snow boots.”

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Blue and Orange

Turquoise blouse with tie neck, New Look (borrowed). Orange sweater vest, Cherokee. Brown pants, Moda International. Brown pumps, Mossimo. Brown medallion earrings, Claire’s Boutique.

I get to wear this blouse one last time before I must return it, so I thought I’d incorporate it into my newly favorite blue and orange color scheme. I’m not sure if these two shades really go together well, but I’m willing to experiment.

I’m also wearing my brand-spankin’ new leather jacket. I saw it in People Style Watch and had to have it. It’s sold out in this color online (except in L and XL). I couldn’t find my size at Kenwood mall. Finally, I had to drive clear to Florence and ask the Wilson’s staff to remove this jacket from a mannequin. I adore it. If Mike would tolerate me sleeping in the jacket, I would.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blue Bustier

White, swiss-dotted, puff sleeve blouse, Target (Mossimo or Merona). Blue striped bustier, Charlotte Russe. Khaki pants, Moda International. Aqua peep-toe pumps, Wild Diva. Blue beads, Xhilaration.

I am wearing the absolutely most uncomfortable shoes in the world. They’re cute, but difficult to wear. The toe box is a little narrow AND sticky (because of the patent), so it is hard to jam my foot into the shoe and then arrange my toes just so. A little baby powder helps. I’ve never worn a shoe with a platform before, so I found walking a little tricky. Truthfully, I only wore these shoes until about 2 p.m. Then I gave up and put on my back-up slippers.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Tired of Black and White

Red cashmere sweater, INC (thrifted!) Black and white rose print, linen skirt, Talbot’s. Black fishnet tights, No Boundaries. Black patent slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Triple strand faux pearls, JC Penney.

Black and white is supposed to be a hot spring look. I wear it so often that it just looks tired. I pull it on whenever I feel uninspired. Hopefully, everyone else just thinks I’m trendy.

I put all of my creative energy into my hair. It’s a bit hard to see here, but I’m trying the “messy bun.” After years of twisting it up into a neat, tidy bun for ballet or boot camp, a messy updo is difficult!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Turquoise and Coral

Cropped turquoise cardigan, Xhilaration. Orange tee, Merona. Jeans, Gap. Brown clogs, Gap. Turquoise moth medallion, Anthropologie. Brown headband, Claire's Boutinque. Fluffy kitty, Bear.

This is one of my favorite new color combinations: blue and orange. One of my college boyfriends also liked this combination, but he chose primary shades of the colors. I prefer the turquoise blue with a coral orange.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gray and Green

Gray cardigan, New York & Co. Green and gray striped dress, Mossimo. Green tee, Gap. Jeans, Calvin Klein. Cowboy boots, Playhouse. Golden apple watch necklace, Forever 21.

I used to think that dresses over jeans was one of the stupidest ideas ever. I’ve since changed my mind. I think it looks young and fresh and it’s a great way to get more use out of a lightweight dress. Spring may be on the way, but Saturday was still too chilly for bare legs or even leggings.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Equestrian Skirt

White oxford bodysuit, Moda International. Blue and green plaid skirt, Jones New York Country. Brown boots, Nine West. Brown bead necklaces, Body Central. Golden paillette earrings, Claire’s Boutique.

Trying to get at least one more wearing out of some of my winter items, like this skirt. Spring is on the way!

P.S. Thank you to Gina at Cin Weekly for the nice profile of my blog!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pouty Saturday

Black mini poncho, To the Max. Cranberry long-sleeved T, Mossimo. Denim maxi skirt, Delia*s. Black boots, Jennifer Moore. Golden apple watch necklace, Forever 21. Kitties, Yoda (in my arms) and Zoro (up above).

I was quite put out to find it snowing on Saturday, hence the pouty look. The kitties didn’t seem to mind and spent the day running in and out of the house.

Long denim skirts must be “out” this year. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone wear one. I like mine, but I get a bit annoyed by the stiff fabric tangling between my legs.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Houndstooth Skirt

Black silk blend shrug, INC. Pink cami with tiered georgette layers, My Michelle (borrowed). Houndstooth pencil skirt, Express (thrifted). Black tights, Danskin. Black pumps, Etienne Aigner. Faux pearl necklace with medallion, Newport News.

Back in the early ‘90s, I had the most awesome houndstooth dress. The top was shirt style, with black velvet collar, cuffs, and covered buttons, and the bottom was a circle skirt. I don’t remember what happened to it, but I miss it, especially now that houndstooth is back.

All the girls rockin’ houndstooth on Wardrobe Remix finally drove me to the thrift store, where I found this skirt. Of course, I couldn’t try it on until I had bought it and brought it home. It fits, but I have discovered that I’m just not bold enough to wear a fitted pencil skirt in such an attention-grabbing print. To compound my lack of confidence, the pattern is matched up along one seam in such a way that it looks as if I may actually be bursting out of the skirt. I’m going to get one $4 wearing out of it today and put it up for swap.

On another note, I have two tips for you today:

1. If you can’t try a skirt or pants on before you buy them, wrap the doubled waistband around your neck. If it the ends meet, it should fit around your waist (your natural waist). Generally, your neck is half the diameter of your waist. Of course, this won’t hold true for everyone, and the trick is pretty useless with low-riding bottoms.

2. To create a French twist with a hair stick, first gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a clear poly band. Then, twist your hair up your head and tuck the ends under the roll. Spear the roll near the top with the hair stick. Most importantly: the stick should be at a slight angle, pointing AWAY from the roll, exiting on the side that you did the tucking. Then, pivot the stick TOWARDS the roll and spear it again, exiting near the bottom. The twisting motion (compounding the twist of the hair) is what will secure the hairstyle.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Found: Gray Skirt

Red silk blouse, Express. Black belt with beads and silver embroidery, The Limited. Silver fabric flower pin, Newport News. Gray skirt with single kick pleat, Eddie Bauer. Black, patent slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Hoop earrings with red beads, Liz Claiborne?

I bought this skirt way back in 2001, when I needed some dressy civilian clothing to wear when leading a volunteer English teaching group to elementary schools in Okinawa, Japan. After leaving the military, I thought I’d wear it to the office, but, after moving into our house in Cincinnati, the skirt disappeared! I suspected that it was sitting, unclaimed, at a random drycleaner until I found it underneath the chest in the India room. It had been there since Fall 2004. The poor dear was covered in cat hair, but cleaned up nicely. I’m very happy to have it back. I had quite given up on ever seeing it again.

P.S. It's raining today.