Friday, October 30, 2009

Old One-Eye

I figured, since I owned a pirate shirt and pirate boots, I should be a pirate for Halloween. I bought an eyepatch and borrowed tights to complete the look.

Blouse, J Crew. Vest, H&M. Skirt, Mossimo. Tights, borrowed. Boots, Rampage. Necklace (actually a belt), thrifted.

I did wear this to work (Corporate Raider?), but I left the eyepatch flipped up. I can’t walk with only one eye, let alone work on the computer. I can, however, fire a cannon and count my gold with one eye.

Last time I wore a pirate costume was in a production of Moby Dick in 11th grade. Seated at the table, I’m the fourth pirate from the right. Is it any coincidence that I’m wearing yellow tights then, too?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pearl Collar

I stole this sweater from New Gate’s costume shop simply for the breathtaking collar. The sweater itself fits, but tends to cling too much in some places and bag in others. I’ll have to style it to better “hide the rest” next time.

Sweater, vintage. Skirt, Talbot’s. Tights, Simply Vera. Peeptoes, Wild Diva. Ring, Forever 21. Bag, No Boundaries.

P.S. I wore this to Sin City Antique Gallery after work, where I scored a Moschino Couture skirt for $5. Look for the skirt on the blog next week and check out Sin City’s going out of business sale for your own steals.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gently Deranged

After last winter’s Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style experiment, I’ll always think of this skirt as my “deranged British gentlewoman” skirt.

Jacket, Odds ‘n Evens (thrifted). Dress (worn as top), American Apparel. Skirt, Jones New York Country (thrifted). Fishnet tights, Merona. Oxford pumps, Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Earrings, thrifted. Scarf, import store. Bangles, Epcot Morocco. Watch, Raymond Weil.

I’m certainly feeling the Posh Eclectic’s “disregard for what’s acceptable” today. The combination of my shiny AA dress, fishnet tights, and jangly bangles is probably inappropriate for work. Hopefully, I’ve toned it down enough with my “country-estate frump.”

Just for fun, here’s all the ways I’ve worn the deranged skirt (I thrifted it almost three years ago):

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slip and Fall

I don’t miss the Florida weather at all. I’m happy to be back in Ohio’s crisp autumn air. All the fashion bloggers (in the northern hemisphere) are waxing rhapsodic about the return of boots and tights weather, but I’m also excited about the return of slips to my wardrobe.

Blouse, Express. Skirt, George (thrifted). Boots, Nine West. Leather cuff, Epcot Canada. Headband, self made. Bag, World Market.

I’m not one to talk about my underthings on my blog (I receive enough pervmail already, thank you), but I love vintage slips. They are so prettily embellished and only cost a few bucks at the thrift store. I’ve amassed a collection of at least a dozen. Unfortunately, they hang to the knee or longer and most of my dresses and skirts are hemmed to above the knee. I can’t hack off the slips without loosing some of the prettiest trim, so I wait until the return of cooler weather and longer, heavier skirts to wear them.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Disney World in Style and Comfort

Hello? Blogland? Are you still there?

Sorry for the break. I went to Disney World for a week, but didn’t think it safe to publish my plans on the interweb beforehand. I hope you were entertained with the Year Three round-up posts I scheduled to publish during my absence.

I don’t have much in the way of outfit photos to share. I packed comfortable, casual pieces that you’ve mostly seen over and over again. That doesn’t mean, though, that I was totally off duty. I did lots of people watching at the four parks and also reflected on my own vacation style strategy. And now, I bring you:

My Top Ten Tips for Visiting Disney World in Style and Comfort

1. Bring at least two pairs of comfy shoes. I spent six days walking around the parks. Even the most comfortable shoe starts to wear on your foot with repeated wearings. If you bring at least two pair, you can alternate each day to give your feet and the shoes a break. As most runners know, shoes need a day to recover to give you the most cushioning and stability.

2. Start early, end late, and take a break in the middle. If you are staying on property, you’ll want to take advantage of Magic Hours, which means a long day. Even without Magic Hours, you’ll want to hit the parks early to ride your favorite attractions while the weather is cool and the crowds are light. After lunch, head back to your hotel for a rest. I used this time to nap, swim, or read. Once you’re refreshed, return to the park (perhaps with a fresh pair of shoes!) and party till it closes. Once again, you’ll be taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and lighter attendance. And Disney at night is magical.

3. Bring a crushable, brimmed hat. First of all, a hat is sun smart. Second, it will keep the water out of your eyes in case of rain showers or a drenching on Kali River Rapids. Finally, it hides the bedhead from your afternoon nap.

4. Wear a handsfree bag. I alternated between two bags: my leather hip bag and a small, cross-body satchel. I was able to leave my bag fastened to my body for every single ride and had no fear of leaving it behind. I didn’t have to tug at the straps all day as I would with a traditional purse. I didn’t have to sling it off my back to reach inside as I would with a backpack. I understand that backpacks and totes may be necessary if you are travelling with children, but also carry a handsfree bag on your body for your valuables.

5. Carry a ziplock bag inside your handsfree bag. Orlando is prone to thundershowers (although I stayed dry on my trip!) and certain rides can be a bit wet. A quart-size ziplock can be used to keep your cellphone and wallet dry inside your purse. I fastened a gallon-size plastic bag around my SLR camera to ride Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids without worry. The plastic bag that comes with your Disney World purchases will also work in a pinch.

6. Try on your vacation clothing before you go. And look in the mirror. Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and fun. It isn’t necessary to put on a fashion show for your fellow vacationers and I am not judging the crocs, logo tees, and cropped pants that were common apparel. I cringed, though, to see many (mostly) women wearing too-tight tops that hugged every roll and too-small shorts that persisted in crawling into bodily crevices, despite frequent tugging. When vacationing, we often pull out clothing that has sat disused in a drawer for a few months or even years. Take time, before you go, to try it all on and make sure it fits comfortably. If it doesn’t, don’t take it.

7. Bring a cardigan or other cover-up to the park. Even if it is 90 degrees outside, you can be absolutely miserable waiting in the cold, dark Pirates queue or dining at Le Cellier. The air conditioning feels refreshing at first, but becomes uncomfortable with prolonged exposure. I agree that wearing a cardigan tied around your waist for the rest of the day is a little unattractive, but I’d rather be dorky outdoors than cold inside. On the first day of the trip, Magic Hours were until 1 a.m. I didn’t bring my cardigan or jacket to the park that afternoon and ended up buying a hoodie at about 7 p.m. because I was freezing. And that’s how I ended up with a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt.

8. Pack snacks. I was on the dining plan, so I got a snack a day, and there were healthy choices available, but I was glad to have additional options in my handsfree bag. I stashed a nutrition bar, dates, and almonds in my bag each day. I usually ate the bar as I walked around and the dates and almonds were perfect to sneakily munch while in line or even on a tame ride. The snacks kept my blood sugar stable, provided me with fiber, and kept me from binging on the less healthy options available for purchase.

9. Don’t take your whole wallet. I left my wallet at home and took only three cards and some cash. The smaller bundle fit in my bag (while leaving room for snacks!) and reduced fumbling at the cashier.

10. Plan wet rides just prior to breaks. No one wants to spend the day soaked. Even if your clothes fit and your shoes are comfy, they can chafe when wet. And your cardigan will do you no good in the A/C if it’s wet, too. Get in line for the rides with splash potential just before your afternoon break. That’s likely to be the warmest part of the day, and you can change during your break if you get soaked.

Finally, here’s a little fashion mash-up of what I wore to Disney World.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Most Commented of Year Three

Continuing the tradition I began last year, I’d like to share with you the most commented upon posts of Year Three.

Who’s That Girl, 6/12/09, 57 comments. I guess y’all noticed when I went from long and red to short and blond. It was a big change, but I was at a point in my life where I needed to “reinvent” myself. I got a lot of comments about the courage it takes to cut off all my hair, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal to me. Hair grows back…and if I process it to the point where it all falls out, I’ve always fancied a pink wig.

Furple, 7/27/09, 46 comments. This was one of those posts where I was looking for some reassurance from my readers, and that’s exactly what I got. I’d received a comment on the inappropriateness of repurposing my military uniforms for everyday wear (like this skirt), and wanted to know what the rest of you thought. I was touched by your appreciation for my military service and your vigorous defense of my uniform-turned-business-casual wear.

Weight and Size, 4/24/09, 42 comments. In April, I received a (very flattering) email asking me my weight and size. It wasn’t the first time I’d been asked, so I answered the question for everyone. Or rather, I didn’t answer it and told you why not.

Laundry Day, 9/3/09, 39 comments. This post was another response to a reader question. I expected your condemnation when I revealed my slovenly laundry habits. To my surprise, many of us have the same laundry philosophy.

Colonel Mustard, 5/1/09, 37 comments. Let’s be honest…the sword was more exciting than the outfit. Still, many of you had nice things to say about the color combo and my pin-up poses. I was feeling pretty feisty that morning. And, man oh man, do I love that hat! I wish I could figure out how to wear it outside of the house without it screaming "military uniform!"

To The Max, 4/21/09, 37 comments. Walmart is one of my not-so-secret sources of chic and cheap clothing. I’ve found some great stuff there from the George and To The Max lines. I also have quite a few No Boundaries accessories. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I spend a sick amount of time shopping at a local boutique in Clifton, Pangaea, where I found this incredible wooden necklace.

Kick Pleats, 6/15/09, 33 comments. This was my first day at work with my “new” hair and the first time many readers saw it, too (those that hadn’t logged on over the weekend). Thank you again for all of your sweet comments on my change and laughing with me at the reactions of my coworkers.

Cherry, 6/18/09, 29 comments. This was another “look at my new hair” kind of post. Not only was Year Three the Year of Mustard, but it also turned out to be The Year I Went Blond. I was really excited about the color possibilities with blond (since the mustard was more of a redhead thing) and I discovered on this day that cherry red was simply smashing with my new hair color.

Antique Market, 10/4/09, 28 comments. I was absolutely mortified to find one of my wacky jumping shots from this post on the main page of I am one of their blogger affiliates and have a regular spot on the Locals on Living page, but the main page feature was something special. I had a record number of visitors (4,964) and lots of nice comments reassuring me that tights + shorts does not = slutty or weird.

Not So Much, 11/21/08, 27 comments. In my blog, I try to adhere to the Wardrobe Remix tenant of not complaining about my body or outfit. No one wants to read that. I just couldn’t help it on this day, though, and ranted about this blouse that never seemed to go with anything or fit correctly. It’s long gone now, through a swap.

I find the number of comments to be a good measure of post interestingness. If you missed any of these entries the first time around, take a look. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Most Interesting of Year Three

I use flickr for my photohosting and have always been very pleased with the service. Flickr keeps stats on one’s photos and my favorite statistic is flickr’s interest rating of my items. My most interesting photos are determined by a combination of views, comments, and favorites by other members.

I present you with the ten most interesting outfit diary shots of Year Three:

I’m not a fan of all of these (in particular the Like a Bruise [#8] and LGTMAS: American Classic [#10]), but somebody thought they were interesting. Which one interests you the most?

I think the most interesting of Year Three is:
#1 Antique Fair
#2 Movie Game
#3 Brello
#4 Banana Who
#5 LGTMAS: Gamine
#6 Perfect
#7 Power Pumps
#8 Like a Bruise
#9 Butter
#10 LGTMAS: American Classic
An outfit you haven't posted...I'll tell you in the comments free polls

Also, see the Most Interesting of Year Two!