Friday, October 16, 2009


It’s official: I’m calling this Burpello Week. Inspired by Strawberry Kitten’s outfit, I wore burgundy, purple, and yellow from Monday through Friday.

And now you get to vote for your favorite!

My favorite Burpello outfit was...
Monday: WFH
Tuesday: Double Double
Wednesday: Call Me Joanie
Thursday: Tribble
Friday: Oktoberfest free polls


Stephanie N. said...

I'm totally biased by the tribble ring. Other outfits? What other outfits? For the devoted trekkie nerd in me, there was only Thursday.

WickedThrifty said...

incredibly hard to choose because they're all fabulous. but i think that zebra skirt is just too awesome and that was the most interesting overall... but really, all awesome. you continue to inspire :D

Elle said...

I absolutely love your blog and check it often for ideas and inspiration. Love the Joanie outfit, especially the necklace and rich colour of the dress.

maryeb said...

Not only can you pull together fabulous unique outfits, but you are oh so clever with words too.
I love the title of this post.

BTW I love the Tribble episode too. 'Voyager' may have been my favorite series. It's a tough call.

Rosie Unknown said...

It was hands down Tribble for me, but not because I am a huge Star Trek fan. It was because I love the yellow belt peeking out from under the jacket/