Friday, October 31, 2008


Dress, London Times. Belt, thrifted. Peacock earrings, gift from a fan! Tights, Express. Boots, Nine West. Tiger eye ring, Jan Michaels San Francisco.

For Halloween, I dressed as a copycat! Well, that was my lame attempt to tie my outfit to the holiday.

I have this dress in black and LOVE it. My coworker showed up with the same dress in a lovely turquoise shade. I got mine at Marshall’s and she found hers at TJ Maxx. I went to TJ Maxx that very day (the day of the blogger bash) to look for the dress in blue. I found the dress in my desired color, but not my size, so I passed.

Now, this particular coworker, my friend Erin, is totally cool with me biting her style. She didn’t mind that I’d looked for the dress and even agreed to wear her blue dress the same day as I wore my black so that we could be “dress buddies” (my lame idea) a few weeks ago. In fact, she is SO okay with me copying her that when she recently found the dress at another TJ Maxx, she bought it for me!


Sweater, Mossimo (thrifted). Tank, Mossimo. Jeans, Lucky. Sneakers, Converse.

For those of you that check this blog daily, I apologize for the break in posts mid-week. I was without internet access for a few days. For personal safety and security reasons, I don’t comment on my absences before they happen. I’d rather burglars and stalkers didn’t know my schedule! Call me paranoid, if you will, but maintaining a bit of privacy helps my piece of mind.

I received concerned emails and comments, so felt obligated to get to College Hill Coffee Company this evening and upload some posts! I bicycled, instead of driving, and was feeling very self-satisfied and productive as I locked up my bike outside the shop. Then, I noticed that I had only 15 minutes until the coffee shop closed. I didn’t even bother going inside, just rode home again. The posts would have to wait another day!

Zoro was glad to see me back home! Or, maybe not so much, from the look in his eyes.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Mini-poncho, To The Max. My favorite dress, Lipstick. Tights, who knows. Lace-up pumps, Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Bracelet, Forever 21.

I like to check out the trends and what’s new as much as anyone else. I dislike, though, lists of what is “out.” On the “hot” and “not” lists, ponchos currently make the “not” column. This surprises me, because capes are so very “hot” right now and what, really, is the difference between a poncho and a cape? Arm slits? The upside of the anti-poncho movement is that I was inspired to dig mine out. I have two others I’ll wear in the next couple weeks. One of which, dun dun DUN, has never been featured on this blog before.

I’ll admit, ponchos under coats are kind of awkward. (Coat by Guess.)


Skirt, Banana Republic. Blouse, Forever 21. Vest, H&M. Pumps, Delicious. Bow brooch, swap.

(I’m afraid I’m a little shiny after a 12 hour day!)

I had to look kind of normal today. We had a team meeting and I presented for a portion of it. Good thing I got to dress like a freak last night.

This is my booty skirt

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crazy Dancer

Sweater, Juicy Couture (via swap). Tunic, Trinity. Leggings, JW. Boots, Target.

One of the great things about dance class is that you can wear the most random layers and no one will look twice. Well, they might look twice, but the glances will be admiring, not critical. While I lived in Arizona, I danced at a strict studio that required even the adults to wear pink tights, pink shoes, and black leotards. Hair had to be in a bun. We weren’t allowed to wear skirts or shorts over our leotards. No fun at all. At the Cincinnati Ballet classes, I see people in all sorts of random outfits and I’m happy to participate.

(These aren’t exactly dancey photos, but they are certainly random. And the boots came off for class.)

Give it Back

Jacket, London Jean. Turtleneck, Merona. Skirt, Herman Geist (thrifted and shortened). Lace-up pumps, Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Apple and snake necklace, Bitten.

I’ll never forget that someone suggested I give this skirt back to the thrift store it came from. That really was one of the more creative insults I’ve received.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Striped turtleneck, Gap (via swap). Dress, Moth. Boots, White Mountain. Tights, Target. Hoop earrings, Wet Seal.

A stripey top and bouffant hair-do make me feel like Brigitte Bardot.

However, the stripes may remind some less of “Paris chic” and more of “sideshow freak.”

My best strongman pose.

I think I’m a bit more believable as French gamine.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bus Bundling

I wear skirts and impractical shoes all winter. Unfortunately, I don’t drive from one heated garage to another to get from home to work. I take the bus. On the best of days, that means a cold walk and wait. On the worst, I’m slogging through ice and snow while ducking the overgrown branches that threaten to push me off of the sidewalk and into traffic. I maintain my warmth and footing with strategic bundling.

Here I am, dressed in my plaidtastic best for another business casual day. While the office is a toasty 68 degrees, it’s a windy 29 outside and the streets and walks are covered in ice.

First, I lose the shoes and grab a pair of thick socks. These are actually a pair I used to wear with my military boots. The thicker, the warmer, the better.

I have two pairs of polyester fleece pants. These are better than your typical cotton sweatpants because they don’t absorb water and will keep one warm, even when damp. I put them on under my skirt. If I’m already wearing trousers, I pull the fleece pants on top.

Fleece pants, Moda International. Sexy, no?

Galoshes get me through the winter. Most people think of them as rain boots, but they work well in ice and snow. They are waterproof and have good traction. The thick socks beneath make them warm, too.

Star print galoshes from Target.

Finally, I add what most cold weather commuters wear: a coat and hat. I also usually don a scarf and gloves, but I was getting kind of hot doing these pictures indoors. The fancy shoes are slipped into my work bag, ready to be put back on after I’ve removed the pants, socks, and boots in the office cloakroom. (Coat, Guess. Hat, World Market.)

And, tah-da! I haven’t let the cold weather cramp my style. (Jacket, Odds ‘n Evens [thrifted]. Dress, Bitten. Pumps, Charlotte Russe. Clutch, gift. Headband, Forever 21.)

Can't Help Matching

Leather jacket, Wilson’s. Swing cardi, Mossimo. Long sleeved tee, Forever 21. Cord mini, London Jean. Leggings, Danskin. Wedge loafers, American Eagle for Payless. Bag, Target.

Trying not to laugh at my ridiculousness.

I don’t intend to leave my house in such matchy ensembles. It’s just that I tend to be fairly loyal to the shades I love, and end up with a closet full of stuff that matches. I am so not cool.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Electric Blue

Jacket, Forever 21. Dress, Sele. Tights, Chinese Laundry. Booties, Sigerson Morrison for Target. Scarf (pictured below), World Market. Rain boots (pictured below), Target.

I looked, but the Target stores in my area didn’t have the blue Sigerson Morrison booties, so I ordered these bad boys online. I freaking love them. Between the electric blue booties and the star print galoshes (below) people stared at my feet all day.

Can't wear suede booties in the rain!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

M-m-m-my Merona

Wrap dress, Merona (shortened). Sweater, Body Central. Boots, Nine West. Knee socks, Forever 21. Necklace, Xhilaration. Bag (pictured below), Tommy Hilfiger.

The last time I wore this dress, a commenter observed that the proportions seemed off. I had to admit, the length hit my leg in an unflattering place. I added the dress to my sewing pile, intending to shorten it, and it sat there until October.

In June, before the shortening. You can see all the ways I wore this dress, pre-hemming, here.

I have to thank my friend Karen (again!) for teaching me the blind hem stitch. A few episodes of American Hero later, I had a shorter dress. (My sewing pace isn’t fast to begin with, and is further slowed by interfering cats.) I LOVE the new length (or lack thereof).

I don’t know what possessed me to try knee socks and boots with a work outfit, but the result isn’t too bad. The navy socks folded over the dark brown boots are fairly subtle. It might be hard to see in the photo, but the cuffs are accented with little bows. How sweet!

P.S. If you wanted to see the plaid Bitten dress without the cardigan, I’ve updated yesterday’s post with a picture.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Sweater, Wet Seal. Tartan strapless dress, Bitten (shortened). Belt, Banana Republic. Boots, White Mountain. Necklace, Enve Designs. Bag (pictured below), Wilson's Leather.

I shortened the dress about 2.5 inches.

I’ve been wanting this dress since I saw it in People Style Watch in July. It’s in the Steve and Barry’s stores now, but beware of inconsistent sizing. Not only did I have to go up a size from what I normally wear, but I had to try on three dresses, all marked the same size, in order to find one that fit. The hips and busts varied wildly from dress to dress. I wouldn’t consider myself well-endowed on top, but I had a hard time finding a dress that would zip up! If you’re busty, it may be hopeless.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Dress, vintage, thrifted, and shortened. Sweater vest, Cherokee. Tights, We Love Colors. Maryjanes, Two Lips. Appliqué brooch, self made.

I love the fancy appliqués I see in the sewing and craft stores, but I have a fear of commitment. My solution was to glue two brooch backs onto the appliqué so that I could pin and unpin it to any outfit I like.

Oops, my slip is showing! (It was thrifted too.)