Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pop of Pink

Navy and white wrap dress, Merona. Hot pink tank, Express. White slip (lace at neckline), vintage. Hot pink slingbacks, Wild Diva. White beads, Body Central.

And the search goes on to accessorize this dress. I like the cool tones of navy and hot pink, accented with white. The neckline of the slip turned out to be a perfect fit, layered under the pink tank.

How have you liked this dress best so far? (Pictures at the bottom)
Nautical Again
Dash of Lime
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An Odd Pairing

Peacock blue cardigan, Gap. Lime silk camisole, Deep Los Angeles. Black, double layer skirt, Breakin’ Loose. Black pumps, Michelle D. Green circular earrings, Body Central. Purse charm bracelet, gift from Fashion Lady.

More Kelly copying. She first inspired me to pair lime and peacock blue/turquoise in March. I like the combination of colors even better for summer.

Detail of the purse charm bracelet.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


White oxford bodysuit, Moda International. Double layer skirt, Final Touch. Beige slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Brown disk earrings, Claire’s Boutique. Blue beads, Xhilaration. Brown sunglasses, Walmart.

This is the same outfit I wore on April 23, but I’m wearing a different white blouse and no denim jacket.

I feel badly about my recent lack of fashion creativity. This is my theory: I have a finite amount of creative energy. Since the weather improved, and I recovered from Mr. Tibbs’ death, I’ve spent more and more of that energy in the garden. I have very little left for adorning myself. And, my perpetually dirty fingernails don’t seem to go with anything in my closet. (But look how pretty my garden is in the background!)

I promise to make more of an effort soon. In fact, I’ll have to be creative for a couple of upcoming travel trousseaus! I can’t garden while I’m traveling.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Navy and Black

White wrap blouse, Bebe. White cami, New York & Company. Navy skirt with black pinstripes and black lace edging, Moda International. Black slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Silver and black necklace, Xhilaration. Black beaded chandelier earrings, Claire’s Boutique.

I haven’t put much thought into my outfits lately. Here is another boring one: white blouse, navy skirt. The only interesting thing about it is that the navy skirt has black accents. I love that. I can then pair it with black accessories and don’t have to maintain a pair of navy shoes.

I had a rough day at work. Wine is good.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Bangs

Green cropped jacket, London Jean. Orange sweater vest, Cherokee. Brown strapless dress, Newport News. Brown pumps, Mossimo. Indian silver necklace. Amber pendant, Allie’s Boutique.

I love love love this jacket! It makes me look so tall and thin. The puffed sleeves and epaulettes add height and the cropped shape elongates my short torso. I also like the bosom pockets (because they add some “bulk”) and, of course, the color. This was one of my splurges after landing my first commercial acting gig.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Big Top

Black, embellished cardigan, It’s Our Time. Hot pink tank, Express. Black skirt with cream lace and ribbons, The Limited. Hot pink shoes, Wild Diva. Fake Gucci sunglasses, street vendor in Seoul, Korea. Faux pearl necklace with medallion, Newport News.

I call this my circus skirt. When I wear it, I feel like a Big Top.

I bought these sunglasses during a night of drunken raging, while deployed to Korea. We had just concluded the first part of our exercise, which was an incredibly stressful, 24-hour operation. I went out with the guys and tried to prove I was as tough as them by drinking them under the table. After stumbling out of the first bar, I decided we should go karaoke. A sunglasses vendor gave us directions to a karaoke bar, and I felt I should buy something in return, so I randomly chose this pair. I’m amazed I managed to hang on to the glasses throughout the night and back to base. I drank way too much and ended up puking out the bus window. My friends were kind enough to help conceal my condition as they dragged me through the sentry point and back to my tent. The sunglasses remind me of the deployment and my dear friends, whenever I wear them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Over My Shoulder

Red cardigan, Moda International. Peacock blue top, Daisy Fuentes. Black overlay cami, Halogen. Grey skirt with single, inverted pleat, Eddie Bauer. Red pumps, X Appeal. Hoop earrings with multicolored beads, World Market. Apple watch necklace, Forever 21.

I’m looking at my kitty Zoro, who is perched on the gate post behind me.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Green Bubble Dress

Green bubble print dress, Max Studio. Beige jacket, Charlotte Russe. Beige slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Amber beads, Body Central.

I’m starting to get a little bored with this photo documentation project. Maybe it’s because I am becoming tired of my clothes. So, I’m trying to spice things up a little with fun poses.

I last wore this dress (with these shoes and these beads) on March 21.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Orange You Glad?

Orange baby doll dress, Wet Seal. White denim, Gap. Leaf filgeree earrings, Claire’s Boutique. Orange glass necklace, Okinawa Japan. Wedges, Montego Bay Club. Basket purse, 100 Yen Store.

I was forced to leave my garden today to attend a picnic for TDW. In the summer, all I want to do is dig in the dirt. I resent any time spent away to eat, bathe, or socialize. Still, I had fun doing all three this afternoon. Then, I put my grubbies back on and got dirty until darkness forced me indoors.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Sheer black tank, Mossimo. Black, silk blend shrug, INC. Denim, express. Leopard wedges, Steven by Steve Madden. Indian silver necklace.

I saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed by Falcon Theater. It was set in 1950’s Hollywood and included some clever adlibs and a most apropos song and dance sequence. I loved it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Doctor is In

White, eyelet shirt-dress, vintage. Sheer green blouse, Forever 21. Black belt with patent, Steven by Steve Madden. Pinstripe pants, Forever 21. Black patent slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Black hoop earrings, Wet Seal.

The camera doesn’t like it when I step into the already focused and shuttered shot wearing so much white! The dress’ eyelet pattern is almost invisible and I look more like a doctor than ever. I even have a syringe to complete the look!

Still, isn’t this more exciting than yesterday’s tepid offering?

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Brown jacquard blazer, Apt 9. Pink asian-style shirt with brown trim, Studio Y. Brown pants, Moda International. Brown pumps, Mossimo. Brown crystal earrings, Express.

This outfit bored me to death. I did get two compliments, but they were from very conservative dressers. I was also told that I looked like a teacher. And that wasn’t meant in an “I’m hot for teacher” sort of way, but more like “you look like you’re going to give me lots of homework.”

What could I have done to spice this up? Any suggestions? Crazy shoes? I was at a complete loss for ideas.

I promise something much more exciting tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kelly Copier

Blue sweater vest, Karen Scott. Black and white, polka-dot halter dress, Siren. Red pumps, X Appeal. Red beaded earrings.

I stalk Kelly’s wardrobe remix photo set. She has such an impeccable sense of color. She consistently pulls of color combinations that I wouldn’t ever have considered. She also creates some innovative layering. For instance, I would never have layered a blue sweater vest over a black and white, sleeveless dress, but she looked great! I asked her permission to copy the outfit and she didn’t mind a bit. Minus the black knee socks, we almost match: blue sweater vests, black and white dresses, red shoes, and auburn hair. I didn’t get the pose exactly right, but close enough.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crappy Hair Day

Silver and cream floral blazer, Heart, Moon, and Stars. Sheer black tank, Mossimo. Black pants, Apt 9. Black pumps, Michelle D. Rhinestone and faux pearl chandelier earrings.

I’m photography challenged today. I’m not happy with any of the photos. Adding to my difficulties, Mike was pouting the entire time because he wanted to eat dinner. This is the best of the worst, and my head is cut off. I was having a crappy hair day anyway, so you aren’t missing much. The outfit (but not the hair) was much cuter in person. Trust me.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Blue open-weave shrug, Moda International. Beige cami with cream lace overlay, George ME. Beige skirt, department store in Okinawa, Japan. Beige slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Multi-strand, faux pearl necklace, JC Penney. Millefleur pendant, gifted.

I look and feel faded. I’m dressed in soft colors. My hair color appears muted. (I’m in desperate need of a touch-up.) I am trying, unsuccessfully, to clear the cobwebs from my mind. I’m drifting through the day like a wispy, dreamy cloud. Wake me when it’s over.

My sister gave me this necklace. I rarely wear it lately, because I favor bigger jewelry. By layering it with my faux pearls, though, I’m able to highlight the pendant’s delicate charm, while still filling up all the blank space between my neck and d├ęcolletage.

Don’t mind my beet red chest. That’s the only part of me that isn’t faded, today.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Orange over my Missoni

Orange, short-sleeved cardigan, Mossimo Supply Company. Faux wrap dress, Siren. Brown pumps, Mossimo. Orange “crystal” earrings, World Market.

I am an absolute fiend for orange. Someone stop me.

This backlit photo isn’t the best for detail or color. You can view the earring detail here. A photo of the outfit with more accurate color representation is below.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dash of Lime

Navy and white wrap dress, Merona. Lime tank, New York & Company. Lime and white headband, Claire’s Boutique. White beads, Body Central. Lime pumps, Colin Stuart.

My challenge to myself was to accessorize this dress with something other than red. Although the lime isn’t all the flattering against my skin (my face looked greenish all day), I like it with the navy.

While in real life the lime is almost neon, it washed out in all my outdoor photos. I had to move inside to capture the color.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Sheer coral blouse, Worthington. White cropped cardigan, Express. Tan slacks, Moda International. Tan slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Gold-tone paisley chandelier earrings, World Market. Cameo choker, vintage.

It’s sort of ironic that the element I designed this outfit around isn’t really visible in the long shot. I’m wearing coral and white to complement my cameo choker. I went through a cameo craze two years ago and this is one of the pieces I bought. I’ve included a detail shot so that you can appreciate just how lovely it is.

P.S. That’s my neighbor, Jimmy, getting into his car behind me!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Evil Twin

Cream blazer with brown pinstripes, Apt 9. Coral dress, Ann Taylor Loft. Brown, studded pumps, Colin Stuart. Orange and coral necklace, Macy’s. Brown purse, Gucci (gift from boyfriend)!

I am very excited to have as my very special guest today, Fashion Lady. This chica is muy stylish. I’ve admired her fashion sense from the very first time I saw her, even as I was aghast at her wearing of open-toed shoes in the office. (I’ve obviously loosened up since then!)

Not only is she stylish, she is also confident. While I insist on taking a dozen or more photos of myself before settling on one to post, she was content with taking only two shots! I must admit, she did look great in both of them.

I’m wondering if we can maybe swap my husband for her boyfriend. I would like a Gucci purse too!

The Orange Blues

Orange dress, The Limited. Blue beads, Xhilaration. Blue and orange bangles, Ramayana. Blue bag, Wilson’s Leather. Two-tone blue slides with bow, Up To Date.

Do you see now why I called Fashion Lady my evil twin? Our dresses almost match today!

I’m undecided about these shoes. I bought them in Okinawa, almost 6 1/2 years ago. I’ve rarely worn them. Now, though, they are so old that the glue is melting from the soles. I tried to fix it with a glue stick at work, but the vinyl footbed is disintegrating. I almost wish I had worn these shoes instead. It’s a difficult choice between blisters or glue on my feet.

I call this The Orange Blues because I’m wearing quite a few different shades of blue. None of them match exactly.

Monday, May 07, 2007

One of my Favorite Color Combos

Sheer green blouse, Forever 21. Fuchsia cardigan with sequins, Moda International. Cream pants with green pinstripes, Moda International. Pink patent shoes, Wild Diva. Green bead earrings, import store in Okinawa, Japan. Tapestry purse, 100 Yen Store.

I love pink and green together. I often pair pink and green, orange and blue, and black and white. In fact, I wore black and white twice last week (with an accent color) and will be wearing the orange and blue tomorrow!

If you really want a better look at these shoes, I last wore them (with a pink and green outfit) on April 27th.

This morning, after wishing once again that I had pink eyeshadow, I tried using powder blush on my lids. It’s funny, the color looks coral on my cheeks, but almost lavender on my eyelids. I accented the pink with green at the outer corners. I like how the combination brings out the green in my eyes.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Still Hospitable

White blouse, Okinawa, Japan. Black skirt, INC (swap). Red peep toes, New York & Company. Juvenile red headband, Xhilaration. Red beads, Body Central. Red purse, Target (swap with mscherryfrost).

Hospitality again tonight. This is a theatrical pose to get me in the drama frame of mind. I had to cover up my luverly blouse with a denim jacket most of the evening because I was cold.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Defying Gravity

Blue and brown halter dress, Siren. Denim jacket, Forever 21. Brown disk earrings, Claire’s Boutique. Brown sandals, Franco Sarto. Blue purse, Wilson’s Leather

This is the second of the two $7.99 dresses I bought at Body Central this winter. (The first was the Missoni-esque faux wrap dress.) I’m running hospitality tonight for Defying Gravity.

I’m making a really stupid face here. I guess it’s my “model” face.

Pink and Gray

Silver and cream, floral blazer, Heart, Moon and Stars. Pink camisole, Deep by Los Angeles. Silvery gray pants, The Limited. Black pumps, Michelle D. Pink beads, Claire’s Boutique. Pink rhinestone brooch.

I last wore this blazer in November. In fact I’m wearing almost the exact same outfit as on November 9th. I have decided, though, that a longer length camisole with a plunging neckline looks better under the boxy jacket. I’ve also gotten better at posing so that my hips don’t look a mile wide – which is especially a danger when photographing these shiny pants with a flash.

What do you think? Posing skills aside, is this outfit better today, or in November?

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Black lace shirt, Newport News. Lime tank, New York & Company. Rose patterned linen skirt, Talbot’s. Black belt, Steve Madden. Lime pumps, Colin Stuart.

This is the first Talbot’s skirt I bought. Most of Talbot’s clothing is a little stuffy for my taste, but I LOVE their skirts. I shelled out over $100 for this one. Six months later, I found it in their outlet (in Jeffersonville) for much less. At least I could console myself with the thought that I’d been wearing it plenty to my job at Career Innovations (where it always received compliments). It’s also held up well. I’ve been wearing it for three years, and it still looks as fresh as it did the first wearing.

I have an audition today, and I’m probably WAY over dressed. I just couldn’t resist this punchy outfit any longer. I dreamed it up on Monday night and then managed to wait two entire days to wear it. I’m quite proud of my restraint.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Curtain Skirt

Pale lime cardigan, Moda International. Fuchsia tank, Banana Republic (thrifted). Patterned skirt, George ME. Beige slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Orange drop earrings, World Market. Pink and orange bag, don’t know. Fluffy kitty cat, Bear.

Admittedly, this isn’t the best photo. I was trying to show off my garden, in the background. Isn’t it lovely? Please disregard the ragged state of the lawn. That’s my husband’s job to maintain.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Pastel blend cardigan, need to look at tag! Orange tee, Merona. Denim skirt, Gap. Blue beads, Xhilaration. Blue headband, Claire’s Boutique. Brown sandals, Franco Sarto. Brown purse, Kenneth Cole.

I went to the mall this evening to look for a wide brown belt. While browsing the belt department at Dillards, a young lady approached me and asked me to help her choose accessories to go with her dress for the Kentucky Derby. She explained that she asked me because I reminded her of one of her friends and because my shoes and bag matched (!) Naturally, I was flattered and gave her advice on shoes, a hat, a bag, and a wrap to match the de-gorgeous dress she showed me on her camera. Thank goodness Mike wasn’t with me, because he would have spent the entire time groaning and rolling his eyes. I, however, had a great time helping the girl out. If only I could do that full time…


Black shirt with white cuffs and collar, Forever 21. Polka dot halter dress, Siren. Red patent headband and belt, Xhilaration. Black patent shoes, Audrey Brooke. Black plastic, circular earrings, Wet Seal. Red bag, Target (swap with mscherryfrost).

I bought this dress ages ago for pennies at a junior store. I don’t think I’ve ever worn it without something covering the top half. It is a halter top with a plunging neckline, so it isn’t appropriate for work, or really anywhere. This is the first time I’ve paired this particular top with the dress, but it may be my favorite.

I had to laugh when I decided to wear these earrings as well. I bought them for my role as Jessica Hahn in The Gospel According to Tammy Faye, almost a year ago. Then, I thought they were obnoxious and totally 80’s. Now, I wear them to work without a second thought. I’ve definitely become more adventurous about what I wear off stage. (You can JUST see the earrings in this photo. Sorry for the poor quality – stage photography is difficult.)