Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Evil Twin

Cream blazer with brown pinstripes, Apt 9. Coral dress, Ann Taylor Loft. Brown, studded pumps, Colin Stuart. Orange and coral necklace, Macy’s. Brown purse, Gucci (gift from boyfriend)!

I am very excited to have as my very special guest today, Fashion Lady. This chica is muy stylish. I’ve admired her fashion sense from the very first time I saw her, even as I was aghast at her wearing of open-toed shoes in the office. (I’ve obviously loosened up since then!)

Not only is she stylish, she is also confident. While I insist on taking a dozen or more photos of myself before settling on one to post, she was content with taking only two shots! I must admit, she did look great in both of them.

I’m wondering if we can maybe swap my husband for her boyfriend. I would like a Gucci purse too!


Anonymous said...

Can I swap, too? That is probably the most gorgeous Gucci I've seen.

Keelah said...

Yes!! Girl IZ workin' it!

Jada said...

I love that purse.