Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pop of Pink

Navy and white wrap dress, Merona. Hot pink tank, Express. White slip (lace at neckline), vintage. Hot pink slingbacks, Wild Diva. White beads, Body Central.

And the search goes on to accessorize this dress. I like the cool tones of navy and hot pink, accented with white. The neckline of the slip turned out to be a perfect fit, layered under the pink tank.

How have you liked this dress best so far? (Pictures at the bottom)
Nautical Again
Dash of Lime
Pop of Pink free polls

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Anonymous said...

I want to change my vote: i picked dash of lime, but i think the big red belt is best. Most contrast, I think.

Keelah said...

What the??? Are you not working anymore??? What is going on...I want to know what you are wearing today??? :) Hope all is well.