Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trivia Animal

I had only one reason to put on real clothes today: Last Call Trivia at Champions. Soon enough, I’ll be back at work and donning something blog-worthy ever day. Until then, I’m afraid you’re stuck with my wacky casual wear.

Hat, Vintage. Sweater, Apt 9 (thrifted). Muppet scarf, WalMart. Turtleneck, Cherokee. Dress, Blu Heaven. Leggings, Target. Boots, Diba.

I had to swap my hat for a feathered headband before heading out. The hat needs some repairs. I’m molting!

I couldn’t remember where I got this scarf, so I flipped back to the last time I remember wearing it on my blog to view the source information. This entry is from October 2006:

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Couldn't Wait

I’ve worn a dress over jeans, but never a skirt. This morning, I altered* this skirt and eagerly tried it on over my jeans. I was so enamored with the result, that I wore it for the rest of the day.

Cardigan, Mossimo (thrifted). Tee, Forever 21. Skirt, Rafaella (thrifted). Jeans, Dollhouse (overdyed with black dye but it has really faded). Boots, Playhouse.

*My “alterations” consisted of returning the skirt to its original closure points. The previous owner had removed the buttons and added snaps so that the skirt would fit a larger wearer. The snaps were effective, but the reduced wrapping ruined the lines of the skirt.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

No Fatale

I’ll never be a femme fatale. I don’t have the look. (I’ve always thought my freckles ruined my chances of being anything but "cute.") Most importantly, though, I just don’t have the personality. I occasionally fake it with clothes, but that isn’t me.

Jacket, Forever 21. Cardigan, Juicy Couture (swap). Dress, No Boundaries. Turtleneck, Cherokee Leggings, Danskin. Boots, Diba. Purse, Coldwater Creek

Friday, December 25, 2009

Two by Two

Is two always better than one? I’m wearing two scarves, two dresses, and two pairs of tights. If not better, two is certainly more interesting.

Sweater dress, Japan. Missoni-esque dress, Lipstick. Black scarf, Cappel’s. Blue scarf, Thailand. Blue lace leggings, Forever 21. Black tights, Danskin. Boots, Rampage. Charm bracelet, Just 2 Friends. Brass bangle, World Market.

Two kittens is certainly better than one!

The last photo is taken with my new, little camera. Because two cameras is also better than one.

Hooray for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Sparkle

I don’t think there is a more appropriate place to wear a lamé dress than karaoke. I don’t plan to sing, though. I’ll just sit back with a Lemondrop and sparkle in the corner.

Cardi, Apt 9 (thrifted). Tee, Forever 21. Dress, American Apparel. Peggins, Bongo. Boots, Life Strides Earrings, self made. Scarf, gift. Coat, vintage.

I’ve worn this tee over this dress before, but with a cardigan on top, like today. I wish it were warm enough to lose the sweater.

I can’t complain too much about the cold, though, because it gives me a chance to wear this fabulous coat.

Not so fabulous: these boots. I bought them to wear to work, with pants, three years ago. I haven’t worn proper pants (i.e. not jeans or leggings) to work since September and I haven’t worn these boots since December 2007. They are just so so ugly and I’d rather wear my Isaac Mizrahi shabooties on the rare occasions I’m not in a skirt or dress at work.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


As a dancer, I’ve got a drawer full of legwarmers. As an after-thirty woman, though, I’m afraid wearing them outside of ballet class would be ridiculous. Thankfully, I read You Look Fab and got the idea to wear them under my boots, but pulled up enough to give my outfits a bit of cheek. Brilliant!

Cardi, Mossimo (thrifted). Tank, Express. Skirt, Chaus Sport (thifted). Sweater leggings, Macy’s. Leg warmers (the yellow bits), Luxury Diva. Boots, Diva. Owl pendant, vintage.

Wow, look at those roots! I intend to do something scandalous with them…but they aren’t long enough yet.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not Too Cold

It snowed here in Cinci. It’s nothing like the east coast’s dump, but has prettified the landscape nonetheless. Despite the snow coating, it isn’t too cold for miniskirts. (At least, not when paired with sweater-like tights.)

Cardi, I Heart Ronson. Sweater, Body Central. Turtleneck, Cherokee. Skirt, London Jean. Tights, Macy’s. Boots, TJ Maxx. Scarf, Images (gift). Hat, Stray Dog.

In fact, this outfit was so appropriate for the conditions that I slept in it and wore it the next day, too.

For the Rest of Us

I wore my finest Festivus finery this evening. I’m entirely unsure as to what constitutes appropriate Festivus apparel, so I took the opportunity to wear whatever the hell I wanted.

Poncho, Christopher and Banks. Skirt, Mossimo. Tights, Target, Boots, Rampage. Zipper hoop earrings, Claire’s.

And, wait for it: Dress, American Apparel. Studded suspenders, Hot Topic.

I was ready for feats of strength but settled for an airing of grievances instead. My beef: drivers who don’t use their turn signals. Seriously, all it takes is the flick of a pinky!


This was an ill-considered outfit. Between the tight pants (really, peggings) and the striped shirt, I felt like some sort of slutty mime. That might be cool for Carnivolution (where I’m considering spending New Year’s Eve), but not work.

Scarf, Images (gift). Jacket, Forever 21. Sheer tank, Mossimo. Turtleneck, Gap (swap). Purple tank, some teen store. Peggings, Bongo. Shoes, Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Necklace, Anthropologie. Ring, vintage. Brooch (fastened to back of jacket), swap.

My mime story:

I am surprised to find myself in an invisible box.

But wait, there’s an opening:

Ah, screw that. I’m taking the stairs.

The end and deets:

P.S. Mime skills are NOT on my acting resume.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Before beginning this blog, I would never have worn multiple shades of one color or paired it with its color-wheel neighbor. Lately, however, I’ve been experimenting with blue: wearing multiple shades of blue and pairing it with green or purple. The results remind me of Monet painting.

Jacket, vintage. Dress, I Heart Ronson. Tights, We Love Colors. Booties, Sigerson Morrison for Target. Earrings, Jana’s Designs. Cuff, Pangaea.

These earrings are made with spent ammunition casings. The artist told me she calls them “make art, not war.”

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is the third time I’ve worn the doily necklace and I think I can safely say that I like it. It’s perfect for filling in a bare neckline or adding some interest to a plain top. The large scale of the piece ensures it isn’t lost among my winter layers.

Turtleneck, Merona. Dress, To The Max. Necklace, self made. Tights, Apostrophe. Booties, Madden Girl. Headband, Urban Outfitters.

The kittens have integrated well with the two adult cats. I release them from the “kitten room” while I’m home and conscious. I must admit, picture time is challenging with them racing up and down the hall.

Sammy loves loves loves the babies. He’s an overgrown kitten himself. They play “paws,” chase one another, and terrify me with wrestling bouts.

That just doesn’t look fair, does it?

No worries...the kitten-cat interactions are supervised and they are separated when things get too rough.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tale of Two Tartans

I love plaid and wear this dress often…but the shoes have languished in my closet. They’re cute, but so uncomfortable they may as well be carved from whole blocks of wood. They’re stunners, though, so I keep them around.

Poncho, INC. Dress, Bitten (shortened). Tights, Target. Shoes, Charlotte Russe. Belt worn as a necklace, thrifted. Braceet, Mod Cloth.

Gratuitous kittens:

Angels and Demons

P.S. That's a catnip cigar under Walt's behind in the first photo. I know it looks like something else...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dirty Santa

This is the third year I’ve attended TDW’s holiday brunch, but the first time I thought to get a picture with Santa.

Wrap, Coldwater Creek. Dress, No Boundaries. Leggings, LNA. Boots, Diba. Earrings, Urban Outfitters. Bag, Payless.

The Santa mannequin originally modeled in a Catholic supply store. He also has a priest outfit.

Here’s what I’ve worn to the brunch over the past couple years:

I didn’t make it to the brunch in 2006…but that was the meeting at which I won the Cairo Kate. And I missed it. Boo.