Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bourne Something

Green tee, Steve and Barry’s. Denim, M. Yellow pumps, Victoria Spenser. Hoop earrings with multicolored beads, World Market.

I am planning on wearing these yellow pumps tomorrow, but I was too excited to wait. I was inspired by fleur delicious to dress up a tee and jeans with fancy pumps for a night out at the movies. We saw Bourne Ultimatum. I liked the first Bourne, have forgotten the second, and found the third to be entertaining enough.

Tank by New York & Company

Red sweater, Moda International. Pink tank, New York & Company. White slacks with pink pinstripes, Moda International. Khaki slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Pink hoop earrings, girlshop.com

I was almost able to title this post “Another Outfit by VS.” I buy bought, a LOT of clothing from the Victoria’s Secret catalog and can sometimes dress head to toe (or ankle) in their Moda International brand, as I did on this day last December. (No, I don’t know why my face is deformed in the photo. For all of you who thought I was vain, now you know that I’m not because no vain person would ever direct someone to a picture of themselves this hideous.) Today’s VS domination was spoiled by my loss of the pink tank I originally bought to wear with these pants. No great loss, as I like this tank better. (And really, who needs TWO pale pink cowl-neck tanks?) I only have one pair of shoes from VS, my lime green pumps, and they wouldn’t have matched.

Now that I’ve discovered Forever 21 (for trend items) and Steve and Barry’s (for basics), I don’t buy so much from VS anymore. I still drool over the catalog, though.

My Closet

I’ve gotten a few comments, via this blog and Flickr, speculating at the size of my closet. Perhaps I’m in denial, but I really don’t think I have that much clothing! I keep most of my work clothes in these two closets, in our guest room. Neither of them are any larger than what you can see here (i.e. there is no hidden space behind the wall, out of view of the open door.) In the closet to the left, I keep blouses, camis, and light knits on the top and skirts and blazers on the bottom. My necklaces are hung on the inside of the door. I store dresses and pants in the closet on the right. I’ve draped my scarves on the hooks inside this door. I share the space with non-fashion related items like a sewing machine, gift wrapping supplies, my theater kit, and linens. There is also an armoire in the room, in which I keep heavier knits that cannot be hung. I didn’t take a picture (or even open the armoire), but I believe I have eight or nine sweaters in there, along with all of my crafting supplies. While I don’t think I have an excessive amount of clothing, I do admit that it is a little difficult to make room for guests’ clothing. Thankfully, very few people visit us.

What do you think of my clothing collection?
I'm jealous.
You're a clotheshorse.
No such thing as too much clothing! Go shopping.
You deserve a bigger closet.
Time to make some donations to charity.
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Monday, July 30, 2007


Tiered pink cami, My Michelle (borrowed from Fashion Lady). Pleated skirt, George ME. White cardigan, Express. Beige slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Cameo choker, vintage.

This isn’t exactly a fashion disaster, but it’s a bit of a misstep. The colors are spot on, but the shape is not. The tiers in the cami and the pleats in the skirt (which is a size too large anyway) give me too much volume. I would have been better off with choosing either the cami or the skirt and pairing it with something slim.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Striped Blazer

Striped blazer, Merona. Black lace shirt, Newport News. Dark denim, Express. Black pumps, Michelle D. Tapestry purse, Apt 9. Hoop earrings with jet beads, Liz Claiborne.

Do you see what’s missing from this photo? My umbrella! I can’t believe I left home without it. I expect to get a good soaking on my way to and from the bus stop this afternoon. Blech.

Jacket closeup:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Brown Linen Jacket

Brown linen jacket, Forever 21. White blouse, Worthington. Double layer skirt, Final Touch (thrifted). Brown pumps, Mossimo. Metal earrings with blue beads, World Market.

Recently, someone has been googling “brown linen jacket forever 21” and hitting my blog. Until this weekend, though, I didn’t own a brown linen jacket from Forever 21. Now I do.

P.S. I find morning light to be very unflattering.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Cropped, white eyelet jacket, Forever 21. Pink gingham dress, Giorgio Fiorlini (thrifted). Pink patent slingbacks, Wild Diva. Pink resin hoop earrings, Claire’s Boutique (or The Icing or whatever!)

I’m giving myself a cavity with all this sweetness: white and pink and eyelet and gingham and bows. I balance it all with my acid tongue and bitter attitude. (Okay, not really.)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Roses Umbrella

Floral blazer, Heart, Moon, and Stars. Lime camisole, Deep Los Angeles. Black skirt, INC. Lime shoes, Colin Stuart. Rhinestone and faux pearl earrings, from my wedding. Rose-edged umbrella, SkyMall!

I’ve always been a fan of the SkyMall catalog. I like to giggle at the gadgets and pop culture memorabilia and think myself far too sophisticated for such snake oil. I wish I were as clever as Mimi Smartypants and had done something like record the number of items described as “revolutionary” or amusing copy. Instead, I gasp over ridiculous items and secretly pine for the cat litter box concealer that looks like a Longaberger basket. I gazed longingly at this umbrella for two consecutive trips. After my red umbrella was “lost” (I think my husband stole it), I felt justified in splurging on the Roses Umbrella. It receives endless compliments, and I don’t have to worry about it disappearing into the black hole (i.e. the backseat of my husband’s car).

Oh, and I think this jacket is fabulous too. A closer look at the neckline and my wedding earrings (what a coincidence that I would wear these earrings on the same day that I finally upload the wedding pictures onto flickr):

Monday, July 23, 2007


Blue and white wrap dress, Merona. Red, silk, ruffle-neck blouse, Newport News. White slip (visible at neckline), vintage. Red pumps, X appeal. Red headband, Claire’s Boutique.

Yes, I’m wearing this dress AGAIN. I like it. And I was curious to see how it would look with this blouse beneath. The blouse is awkward on its own – it’s too short and doesn’t close properly, but I’ve had success with it in other outfits where only the neckline shows.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Old Yeller

Yellow, cropped cardigan, Mossimo. Black, cowl-neck tank, Apt 9. Rose print linen skirt, Talbot’s. Black pumps, Michelle D. Feathered chandelier earrings, Claire’s Boutique.

On Sunday, I eagerly drove to Target to check out the new Designer GO collection: Libertine. It totally sucked. If the color wasn’t disgusting (lots of oatmeal!) or the print juvenile (whales and skulls, anyone?), the material was shoddy. I tried on only a single item, a navy satin cami with black lace trim at the neck and waist (because I love black and blue together). Unfortunately, the lace trim at the waist was elasticized and the resulting poof made me look boobless AND pregnant. Don’t fear, I did not leave Target empty-handed. Instead of Libertine, I brought home a bunch of Mossimo and Merona, including this sweater. Designer schmeziner.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pink and Green - Again!

Hot pink, tiered tank, My Michelle (borrowed from Fashion Lady). Green, cropped jacket, London Jeans. Plaid pants, Express. Brown pumps, Mossimo. Brown, crystal earrings, Express. Leather-look headband with bow, Claire’s Boutique.

Can you tell that I like hot pink and leaf green together? How have you liked it best? (Choices are numbered left to right)
Best hot pink and leaf green combo
1. Green jacket and pink skirt
2. Pink sweater and green shirt
3. Green jacket and pink shirt
They're ALL good!
Barf - I hate these colors together
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Black and Bleu

Navy, tie-neck shirt, Forever 21 (borrowed from Fashion Lady). Navy skirt with black pinstripes and black lace trim, Moda International. Black patent belt, Steven by Steve Madden. Black patent slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Black beaded earrings, World Market.

Combining navy and black may be almost as taboo as brown and black. I like to break the rules.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Squaredance Skirt

Navy, polka-dotted skirt, Side x Side (thrifted and altered by me). Navy tank, Merona. Khaki blazer, Charlotte Russe. Red bead necklace, Xhilaration. Red pumps, X Appeal.

This skirt is another thrifty find, from Valley Thrift on Reading Road. I hacked off almost six inches and trimmed it with eyelet lace. The lace was an attempt to cover up the wonky hem. I always seem to have trouble hemming a-line or circle skirts. The hems end up thick and wrinkly and don’t hang right. Any tips from sewers out there on how to deal with the excess fabric in the hemming of a flared garment?

Over the course of the day, I’ve come to think of this is as my “squaredance skirt.” All I need is a crinoline and I can join the group at the Wyoming Civic Center.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Fashion Lady's Swirly Dress

Red and white printed dress, Do & Be (borrowed). Khaki slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Rhinestone leaf and branch earrings, Camp Foster PX.

This is Fashion Lady’s dress. We conducted a swap last Friday and I now have loads of loverly things to wear. I got many compliments on this dress and I really like it myself. I’ve found that it’s still available and on sale. Fashion Lady said it was okay for me to have the same dress as her, but I think she was just being nice.

Should I buy the swirly dress?
Yes - you look fabu!
Yes, but get it in black and white.
No way! Don't be a biter.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Black and Tan

Black top with lace overlay, Moda International. Khaki trumpet skirt, B. Moss (thrifted). Black, patent sling-backs, Audrey Brooke. Shell necklace, vintage. Mini disco ball earrings, Delia*s.

I love black and tan (khaki) together. The look is sharp, but earthy.

Can you believe I got this skirt at Goodwill? I’m thrilled. I love skirts with a trumpet shape. Click here to see the skirt without the swirl.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Black shrug, INC. Leopard cami, Express. Pink tank, Banana Republic (thrifted). Black slacks, Nine and Co. Leopard print peep-toe wedges, Steven by Steve Madden. Pink hoop earrings, Claire’s.

I was inspired by Fashion Lady’s ensemble on Tuesday. She pulled the leopard off in a far more subtle manner, though. I think my look is a little trashy – especially with the hot pink accents. I suppose it’s only fitting, considering that this leopard print camisole, paired with a short black skirt, was one of my staples for clubbing in Phoenix. Those days are long gone, but I haven’t lost the knack for looking like a hooker!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Preggers Shirt

White, cropped cardigan, Express. Plaid smocked top, Oh Baby. Gray slacks, The Limited. Lime pumps, Colin Stuart. Blue, moth medallion necklace, Anthropologie. Brown bag, thrifted.

I’ve been in a tartan mood, but all my plaid items are too warm or too small to wear now. This top is pretty casual (and maternity wear), but I think, topped with a cardi and paired with slacks, it looks professional enough for a business casual environment.

I consider this another color coup. I would not normally pair orange, green, OR brown with gray, but it seems to work here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Camp Dress

Khaki camp dress, Forever 21 (thrifted). Braided leather belt, Wilson’s Leather. Aqua headband, Claire’s Boutique. Metal earrings with aqua beads, World Market. Aqua, patent, peep-toe pumps, Wild Diva. Brown bag, thrifted.

I tried this outfit on Monday night and paraded in front of my husband. He looked pleased and said, “Oh, you’re going on a safari.”

“Not in these shoes!” I glibly replied.

Unfazed, he continued, “I bet I could find you a safari hat [pith helmet] in the basement.”

“I am NOT going on a fucking safari!”

“Oh. Well your blue shoes and headband don’t match the dress.”

I promptly stomped away.

Thankfully, no one at work made any safari references. I did receive a number of compliments, including recognition of my genius blue accents. It isn't a safari dress anyway. I think it's best described as a camp dress.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another Thrifty Sunday

White cami, New York & Company. Pale blue cami, Bebe. Dark capris, Metro 7. Khaki wedges, Montego Bay Club. Silver Indian earrings, Ali’s Boutique. Basket purse, 100 Yen Store.

How lucky can one girl get? This is my second Sunday in a row thrifting!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mail Bag: Tween Skirt

I gather that the last mail bag was much enjoyed, because I’ve since been flooded with made-up reader mail, like this imaginary missive:

Dear Kasmira,

Enough already with the photos of tasteful and carefully chosen outfits! We all make fashion faux pas. Show us one of yours! (Although I would contend that the leggings you wore two weeks ago were rather hideous.)

~The Fashion Police

This fictional fanmail is timely, as I wore something very unfashionable and a bit questionable on Saturday: my tween skirt.

Yes, I own one of these ruffly, denim skirts that were popular with the tween set a few summers ago. I bought it on sale ($5?) at Body Central in February. I’m two years late and twenty years too old to wear it, but I don’t give a damn. It’s comfortable, and I think it’s cute. So, pbbbbbbbt! Take that, Fashion Police.

(Ruffly denim skirt, Body Central. Turquoise cardigan with green stiching, Target. Green tee, Gap. Flip-flops, Walgreens. White sunglasses, George.)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Thrifted Tuquoise Tunic

Sheer, turquoise tunic, Nine & Co (thrifted). White, straight-leg jeans, Gap. White cami, New York & Co. Blue sandals, Mossimo. Silver-tone, birdcage earrings, World Market. Paintbrush (in hair).

This tunic is the last of my super-great thrift store finds on Sunday. I feel a little bad about having snagged this one because I got to it just seconds before my friend. I had skipped ahead of her on the rack. I hope she forgives me.

Although these jeans are a bit wrinkled, I think they are a good example of how a basic cut never goes out of style. I bought these plain, mid-rise, straight leg, white jeans a few years ago and they'll remain a classic, unlike the versions with extreme leg shapes, crazy rises or odd embellishments.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pink Gingham Dress

Pink gingham dress, Giorgio Fiorlini (thrifted). Khaki jacket, Charlotte Russe. Pink hoop earrings, Icing. Khaki slingbacks, Linea Paolo.

This dress and the sea shell necklace were my prize finds from Sunday’s thrift excursion. I think this is a child’s dress because the size reads 15/16. It fits very well, though. I wasn’t sure how to describe the pattern. Is gingham accurate? It isn’t plaid.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mail Bag: Instead of Sweats

In the tradition of Daddy Likey, I’m sharing some (made-up) reader mail (not that Winona makes hers up or anything):

Dear Kasmira,

You always look so fashionable and put together! Don’t you ever just run out to the grocery store in your sweats or pajamas or something? It must be exhausting to be looking picture perfect every day. Please let us know you’re human! What kind of easy pieces can we mere mortals pull on for errands?

Wearing Sweats Right Now

Well, Sweats, you’ll be relieved to know that I AM human. Although I don’t own a single pair of sweat pants, I have been known to run to Blockbuster in my PJs. Since beginning this blog, though, I’ve become a bit more conscious about what I wear in my down time. Winter is easy: jeans, a sweater, and a really cute coat. In the summer, though, nothing beats a comfy dress. Pair it with basic flip-flops and you’re both comfortable and presentable.

I confess to almost living in this dress (Mossimo, from Target). It is so comfortable that I sometimes sleep in it too. In fact, I wore this dress for almost 24-hours (evening of July 3rd to afternoon of July 4th) this week. It saw me through rehearsal, sleeping, shopping, and even gardening. Because it’s cotton, it’s easy care and I can just throw the (now filthy) dress in the wash. Add leggings for the cool months of spring and fall and you don’t ever have to worry about what to wear for those quick jaunts out for milk. Yeah!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Autumn in July

Orange dress, The Limited. Green jacket, Moda International. Brown beads, Kohls. Brown pumps, Mossimo.

You’ve probably noticed by now that I like striking color combinations. Although I like orange and green together, I tend to shy away from it in the spring and summer because it seems so autumnal. Oh well, I suppose this is autumn in July.

My coworker with the nanny/teacher fetish had some choice remarks regarding my cropped jacket. First, he asked me where the rest of it was. Hardee-har-har-har. Next, he asked me if I stole it from my niece. So funny, I forgot to laugh.

Monday, July 02, 2007

She Sells Seashells

Open weave, blue shrug, Moda International. Brown tank, Forever 21. Khaki pants, Moda International. Shell necklace, vintage. Brown pumps, Mossimo. Greasy hair in need of a color touch-up, mine.

My hair looked great this morning. It was laying flat and the humidity was low, so I wore it down. It was looking really greasy by the end of the day (and this photo), though. It doesn’t help that my roots are showing.

My friend, Fashion Lady, and I went thrifting on Sunday. This necklace was only $3. According to my husband, it isn’t worth even that. I think it’s kind of neat, though. I like the way the white round beads and the coral pieces sort of look like octopi together.