Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pink and Green - Again!

Hot pink, tiered tank, My Michelle (borrowed from Fashion Lady). Green, cropped jacket, London Jeans. Plaid pants, Express. Brown pumps, Mossimo. Brown, crystal earrings, Express. Leather-look headband with bow, Claire’s Boutique.

Can you tell that I like hot pink and leaf green together? How have you liked it best? (Choices are numbered left to right)
Best hot pink and leaf green combo
1. Green jacket and pink skirt
2. Pink sweater and green shirt
3. Green jacket and pink shirt
They're ALL good!
Barf - I hate these colors together free polls


Anonymous said...

I know its not what you wore today, but I'd love to see a picture of you in your wedding dress.
-West Chester

Jeremy said...

This green jacket (I think you wore it the first time we ever met during Vanities stuff) makes your torso look reeeeally really tiny!

Kasmira said...

Hmm....I do believe that was on Sunday, March 25th. This blog is better thana diary!

Anonymous said...

As a person who wears a lot of pink and green (I'm a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, a sorority whose colors are the same), I can appreciate your combos. I'm voting for "all good."