Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tank by New York & Company

Red sweater, Moda International. Pink tank, New York & Company. White slacks with pink pinstripes, Moda International. Khaki slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Pink hoop earrings, girlshop.com

I was almost able to title this post “Another Outfit by VS.” I buy bought, a LOT of clothing from the Victoria’s Secret catalog and can sometimes dress head to toe (or ankle) in their Moda International brand, as I did on this day last December. (No, I don’t know why my face is deformed in the photo. For all of you who thought I was vain, now you know that I’m not because no vain person would ever direct someone to a picture of themselves this hideous.) Today’s VS domination was spoiled by my loss of the pink tank I originally bought to wear with these pants. No great loss, as I like this tank better. (And really, who needs TWO pale pink cowl-neck tanks?) I only have one pair of shoes from VS, my lime green pumps, and they wouldn’t have matched.

Now that I’ve discovered Forever 21 (for trend items) and Steve and Barry’s (for basics), I don’t buy so much from VS anymore. I still drool over the catalog, though.

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Anonymous said...

Hi...really enjoy your blog. Am liking a lot of your looks recently. IMHO I prefer your non-matchy outfits (as shown today) vs. your matchy ones (i.e., pink top with pink earrings and pink shoes).

Why? I think non-matchy tends to look more sophisticated. Anyways, you are doing some lovely color combos, keep up the great work!