Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Squaredance Skirt

Navy, polka-dotted skirt, Side x Side (thrifted and altered by me). Navy tank, Merona. Khaki blazer, Charlotte Russe. Red bead necklace, Xhilaration. Red pumps, X Appeal.

This skirt is another thrifty find, from Valley Thrift on Reading Road. I hacked off almost six inches and trimmed it with eyelet lace. The lace was an attempt to cover up the wonky hem. I always seem to have trouble hemming a-line or circle skirts. The hems end up thick and wrinkly and don’t hang right. Any tips from sewers out there on how to deal with the excess fabric in the hemming of a flared garment?

Over the course of the day, I’ve come to think of this is as my “squaredance skirt.” All I need is a crinoline and I can join the group at the Wyoming Civic Center.

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mamafitz said...

love your red shoes. when hemming a flared skirt (whether a-line or circle), the problem is the edge of your hem is wider than where it's getting hemmed to (hopefully that made sense). you need to either make a very narrow hem (3/8" finished or so) or ease in the fullness on a deeper hem. to ease in any fullness, run a stitch about 1/4" from the edge and then pull it up to fit.

hope that helps. i think the lace looks great.