Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Closet

I’ve gotten a few comments, via this blog and Flickr, speculating at the size of my closet. Perhaps I’m in denial, but I really don’t think I have that much clothing! I keep most of my work clothes in these two closets, in our guest room. Neither of them are any larger than what you can see here (i.e. there is no hidden space behind the wall, out of view of the open door.) In the closet to the left, I keep blouses, camis, and light knits on the top and skirts and blazers on the bottom. My necklaces are hung on the inside of the door. I store dresses and pants in the closet on the right. I’ve draped my scarves on the hooks inside this door. I share the space with non-fashion related items like a sewing machine, gift wrapping supplies, my theater kit, and linens. There is also an armoire in the room, in which I keep heavier knits that cannot be hung. I didn’t take a picture (or even open the armoire), but I believe I have eight or nine sweaters in there, along with all of my crafting supplies. While I don’t think I have an excessive amount of clothing, I do admit that it is a little difficult to make room for guests’ clothing. Thankfully, very few people visit us.

What do you think of my clothing collection?
I'm jealous.
You're a clotheshorse.
No such thing as too much clothing! Go shopping.
You deserve a bigger closet.
Time to make some donations to charity.
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Vicki said...

Hi Kasmira! I am glad I found your blog. Your clothes choices are inspiring! And I am amazed at how you manage to make so many different outfits from each individual item. I tend to always wear my clothes the same way...but then I am a boring accountant!!

Anonymous said...

I'd say that I have about as much in one big closet as you do in your two smaller ones, so I vote for more closets-- because I need more closet, too!

Michelle-aneous Musings said...

Just curious... Can we also see your shoe closet?

(I'm also stunned at all the variety you get out of relatively few clothes!)

Kasmira said...

I wish I had a shoe closet. Some of them are stuffed in the closet to the left, many are under the bed, and a few are in our coat closet near the front door.

Meg said...

I should take a picture of my closet sometime. It's runs across most of our bedroom wall, but I do share it with my hubby. He put up the Closet Maid shelving, though I painted and supervised placement. I'm very proud of it.

One thing that may or may not help you are stackable hangers. I love mine. I started out with some thicker ones, but the new ones I've started collecting are thinner. The new ones technically aren't stackable yet because the hook is separate, but they will be as soon as I order some.

Anonymous said...

Get a life.

Kim said...

With my husband's help (he deserves credit, since he accidentally almost drilled a hole in his finger), I just redid my entire closet system. We live in an older house with small closets, so the addition of a large wooden shelving unit helped tremendously for things that are bulky and couldn't be hung.
Great job with your closet!
And to the commenter above me: You must be a very sad little person. Go find somebody to give you a hug.

WendyB said...

I always find those closet questions to be a little intrusive...No one has asked me, but it kind of irritates me when other people get asked!