Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mail Bag: Tween Skirt

I gather that the last mail bag was much enjoyed, because I’ve since been flooded with made-up reader mail, like this imaginary missive:

Dear Kasmira,

Enough already with the photos of tasteful and carefully chosen outfits! We all make fashion faux pas. Show us one of yours! (Although I would contend that the leggings you wore two weeks ago were rather hideous.)

~The Fashion Police

This fictional fanmail is timely, as I wore something very unfashionable and a bit questionable on Saturday: my tween skirt.

Yes, I own one of these ruffly, denim skirts that were popular with the tween set a few summers ago. I bought it on sale ($5?) at Body Central in February. I’m two years late and twenty years too old to wear it, but I don’t give a damn. It’s comfortable, and I think it’s cute. So, pbbbbbbbt! Take that, Fashion Police.

(Ruffly denim skirt, Body Central. Turquoise cardigan with green stiching, Target. Green tee, Gap. Flip-flops, Walgreens. White sunglasses, George.)


Tesla said...

If I had legs as fabulous as yours, I'd wear that skirt too!! and I'm about 40 years too late! LOL

I enjoy seeing the color combinations you come up with.

Londyn said...

I think your faux pas is cute :) Shhhh don't tell anyone!

none said...
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kct said...

As a guy, I must say that I think you look very cute. Your husband is a lucky guy to have a wife that is as pretty and cute as you! :-)