Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Camp Dress

Khaki camp dress, Forever 21 (thrifted). Braided leather belt, Wilson’s Leather. Aqua headband, Claire’s Boutique. Metal earrings with aqua beads, World Market. Aqua, patent, peep-toe pumps, Wild Diva. Brown bag, thrifted.

I tried this outfit on Monday night and paraded in front of my husband. He looked pleased and said, “Oh, you’re going on a safari.”

“Not in these shoes!” I glibly replied.

Unfazed, he continued, “I bet I could find you a safari hat [pith helmet] in the basement.”

“I am NOT going on a fucking safari!”

“Oh. Well your blue shoes and headband don’t match the dress.”

I promptly stomped away.

Thankfully, no one at work made any safari references. I did receive a number of compliments, including recognition of my genius blue accents. It isn't a safari dress anyway. I think it's best described as a camp dress.


Melody said...

I think it's a darling camp dress (not safari)! And I love the aqua blue accents.

Anonymous said...

Love your camp dress! The blue is genius.

Unknown said...

There has to be a hint of blue in the dress for this to work. It just doesn't work having blue on your head and on your feet and everything in between there earthtoned. The blue needs to be better distributed. It would have been better to stick to all earth tones and change to a bag of a different color or with various colors. Then maybe you could get away with the shoes. Or just have a colored bag. Doesn't work in my opinion. I like the way you do your hair though. And you can find some good stuff at Forever 21.

Anonymous said...

I have a long sleeve camp dress and after seeing this, I will have to pair it up with a bold color shoe.