Friday, July 06, 2007

Thrifted Tuquoise Tunic

Sheer, turquoise tunic, Nine & Co (thrifted). White, straight-leg jeans, Gap. White cami, New York & Co. Blue sandals, Mossimo. Silver-tone, birdcage earrings, World Market. Paintbrush (in hair).

This tunic is the last of my super-great thrift store finds on Sunday. I feel a little bad about having snagged this one because I got to it just seconds before my friend. I had skipped ahead of her on the rack. I hope she forgives me.

Although these jeans are a bit wrinkled, I think they are a good example of how a basic cut never goes out of style. I bought these plain, mid-rise, straight leg, white jeans a few years ago and they'll remain a classic, unlike the versions with extreme leg shapes, crazy rises or odd embellishments.


Melody said...

Love this outfit! Now I really want a pair of white jeans for my closet!

Anonymous said...

Tunics and turquoise. Great combination.

Londyn said...

Yes, of course I forgive you! :) LOL Plus you let me steal the thrifted multi-colored tank we both liked!

I love this look -- the color is gorgeous on you, and those jeans show off how tiny you are.