Theme Weeks

Nothing inspires like a theme week! I've done everything from capsule challenges to a Mardi Gras week. I find that adding a few "rules" really fires up my creativity.

Color Palettes
Burpello - daily mixes of burgundy, purple, and yellow, inspired by Nadine of (now offline) Strawberry Kitten
Green - Beefy's favorite color
Green and Gold - my elementary school colors. Go Mustangs!
Mardi Gras - I celebrated all week long in purple, yellow, and green
Navy - navy is a great alternative to black or brown
Tomato and Olive - a tasty pairing of red and green
Touch of Sun - I brought my own sunny yellow to a wet and gloomy spring
Yellow - there's a yellow for everyone

Capsule Challenges
I've participated in four of Jane's Wardrobe Capsule Challenges. A capsule essentially consists of 10 major items (clothing and shoes) and 5 accessories, for the week. It's always the accessories restriction that chafes the most!

My strategy is to choose a color palette and then the pieces.

Wardrobe Capsule Challenge - I chose an all-neutral palette of navy, gray, and black, but spiced it up with my faux-Missoni dress
Wardrobe Capsule Challenge - Year Two - this time, I restricted the colors to navy, purple, and yellow and I carried over one piece each day from the prior outfit
Wardrobe Capsule Challenge - Year Two, Spring - in honor of spring, I worked a pastel palette, anchored by cream, gray, and navy. Like the previous challenge, I tied each outfit to the one prior via a continuity piece.
Purrfect Valentine - this was Valentine's week, so I wore pink, red, and cream (with a little leopard!)  I also profiled one of my Valentines each day.
Wardrobe Capsule Challenge - 2012, Winter - I did a palette of tomato red and olive green, spiced up with leopard and stripes.

Big Belts and Brights - fat belts and bright colors
Nude Shoe - a flesh-tone shoes makes legs look miles long
Scarf - I styled everything from a pashmina to a dupatta
Tights and Toes - stockings and peeptoes...a do or don't?

I Scream, You Scream - the June 2007 issue of InStyle featured outfits inspired by ice cream colors. I did my own take on the mixes.
Summer Mixers - InStyle's June 2008 issue featured the following color pairings: purple + spice, coral + neutrals, yellow + mellow, brown + white, red + blue, and pink + green. Instead of purchasing items from the pictured outfits, I shopped my own closet to recreate the looks.
Pump Up Your Volume - this April 2009 InStyle spread took a "soft," "medium," and "all-out" look at three color palettes. I followed along.
The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style - I tried out each of the looks from Lucky's book: Mod, Bombshell, Posh Electic, Arty Slick, Euro Chic, Rock and Roll, California Classic, American Casual, Gamine, and Bohemian.

Black Lace - Black lace at the office. Need I say more?
Cerulean and Feathers - I love this shade of blue and I love feathers, so I wore both all week
Super Stripes - 6 days of stripes!