Friday, August 29, 2008


Skirt, thrifted and altered. Tank, Mossimo. Jacket, Forever 21. Autumnal hair clip, made by me. Moccasins, Me Too.

I found this skirt while thrifting a few weeks ago. I snagged it for the color, pockets, and bias cut. However, the below-the-knee length was terribly dowdy. I cut off six inches and stitched ball trim to the hem. I hand-stiched the trim backstage during the last two performances of Noir Suspicions. I mentioned that the skirt was apparently vintage and one of my castmates likened it to the dirndl skirts that were popular in the 70’s. Perhaps it is from that era.

I dressed in this outfit for a night at the movies with Mike. Unfortunately, by the time we needed to leave for the 9:55 p.m. showing, I was too sleepy, so this outfit never left the house. Now I can’t submit it to Wardrobe Remix. (One of the rules is that you must wear your outfit somewhere besides your own domicile. I suppose the intent is to keep the pool “street style.”) I guess I’ll just have to wear it again.


LBD, London Times. Belt, some department store. Tights, We Love Colors. Lace-up pumps, Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Bag, Naturalizer (thrifted and vintage). Autumnal hair clip, made by me!

I felt a little like one of Oz’s wicked witches in these tights and shoes. Everyone at work was staring at me like I had tried to kill Toto. I’ll admit, I have a preference for a witch’s cat. (I have five.)

I’m wearing another of my hair clip creations. This one is crafted of autumn leaves (fabric), natural pheasant feathers, and a puff of red marabou.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Satin blouse, Forever 21. Skirt, from my USMC Dress Blues uniform. Maryjanes, Two Lips. Belt, Xhilaration. Feathered hair clip, made it myself.

I spent most of adolescence and beyond as an “ugly duckling.” Whether others saw me that way, I can’t be sure, but I thought myself unattractive. For a few years, I refused to smile in photos at all. Instead, I made funny faces so I wouldn’t have to face my own painful attempt at prettiness. I still remember the first time I saw a photo of myself I liked, when I was nearly 22. At first, I thought it was a picture of my pretty younger sister. Then I realized it was me and that I’d finally grown into my funny features. Do I think myself a swan now? No, but I’m certainly better feathered.

Still making faces at the camera

Detail of the feathered clip I made with a hairdresser’s clip, craft feathers, and a glue gun

Mail Bag: Styling White Boots

I recently purchased [these] boots off of (of course) Ebay… They are leather and are nice. I have no clue what they will go with; any ideas? Thanks for your help – I really enjoy your site!


White boots are attention getting, so I recommend showing them off with skirts, leggings, and skinny jeans. I don’t suggest pairing these babies with trousers or boot-cut jeans because the white pointy toe will have people peering up your hem to see what else you’re hiding under your pant leg. As for styling and color combinations, I turned to the girls of wardrobe remix for inspiration:

White boots as modeled by: Ivy Frozen, Leila-Anne, Nubby Twiglet, Le Bon Bon Multicolore, Jaana-Mari, Melonade, and Claude le Monde

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Somewhat Normal

Cropped cardigan, No Boundaries. Dress, Ann Taylor. Peeptoes, Bitten. Clutch, Express. Rose ring, Forever 21. Clip-on earring (worn on sweater), thrifted.

I had to look somewhat normal today to co-facilitate a training course.

I’m still futzing around with my bangs – trying to decide if I like the length (and versatility) or if I want to cut them shorter.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Homage to Joan

Strapless dress and cardigan, Moda International. Tartan pumps, Wet Seal. Tartan clutch, SR Squared by Sondra Roberts (gift from Londyn). Faux pearl necklace with medallion, Newport News.

I think this dress is Joan-worthy. However, a cardigan is required to make it office-appropriate.

When I wore my dress a couple of weeks ago, another flickr member was kind enough to compare me to the character Joan Holloway of Mad Men. I’d never seen the show, but I googled images of the character and was both flattered and intrigued. Since then, Mike and I have watched all of season one. Predictably, I’m in love with the show’s wardrobe and styling. Joan is my favorite – from her curve-hugging dresses to her ruby lipstick to her flaming hair.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Cardigan, Mossimo. Ruffled blouse, Forever 21. Tulip skirt, Moda International. Peeptoe slingbacks, Delicious. Oversized clutch, Express. Brooch, Burlington Coat Factory.

I tried this shirt and cardigan together during fashion show a few weeks ago. I loved the combination of colors and textures, but, worn with the skirts I tried on at the time, it left me feeling dowdy. This skirt, with its ultra feminine shape and short hemline, saves the combo from Dowdyville.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Best Wardrobe of the Century

I’ve seen dozens of lists of the best movies to watch simply for the wardrobe. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Rear Window, The Women (1939), and other classics make the list. I’m going to break with tradition and name a film made this century - and it isn’t The Devil Wears Prada or Sex in the City. I adore Heather Graham’s wardrobe in Killing Me Softly. The movie gets terrible ratings from reviewers, but I give costume designer Phoebe De Gaye two thumbs up.

Alice’s first ensemble is a sheer, long-sleeved, robin’s egg blue blouse under a pinstriped, sleeveless sheath. For out of doors, she adds a matching blue scarf and black coat. Ahead of her time, she’s wearing black booties on her feet. I love the contrast of masculine and feminine in this outfit. The blue looks gorgeous with her eyes.

The next day (and after a torrid afternoon with Joseph Fiennes’ character), she again wears a vibrant blouse with a dark skirt and coat. The poppy color accentuates her flushed cheeks as she looks for her lover in the bookstore. (Check out the romantic side bun!) The only good shot I could get of her open-weave tights was as she was doing something rather private in the cab. Don’t click if you’re prudish.

Love (or obsession) is in full bloom and Alice meets a friend to talk about her new relationship and ask about her ex. She exclaims about the way her tastes have changed. Her bright cheongsam reflects her new zest for life. Again, she’s wearing sassy shoes – red ankle boots, this time. Outside, she keeps warm with a olive green shearling jacket.

This is my absolute favorite outfit of the movie: a knitted wedding dress. Some day Mike and I are going to renew our vows in the mountains of New Zealand so I can wear this dress in June. I’d better learn to knit now – because I don’t know where I’d find anything like it! It has a funnel neck and a heart stitched to the bodice. When Alice runs, streamers of yarn fly from the arms and skirt. She must have been a bit itchy, though, because when Alice changes in the graveyard, you see that she’s wearing nothing underneath. (Sorry, guys, no naked pictures on my blog. You'll have to rent the movie to see Heather Graham's boobs.)

After the wedding, the new Alice Tallis attends a party with her husband’s mountain climbing set. She finds she’s totally overdressed in a velvet wrap dress, mohair shawl, and feathered hair piece. I don’t have a good picture of her feet, but she’s wearing white fishnets and bronze pumps.

Aside from a hot pink leather skirt and red sweater combo, we don’t see much more of Alice’s innerwear for the rest of the movie. The story takes place during the winter and Alice wears a different coat on almost every day. This coat is my favorite. I love the drapey collar (which resembles an uneven, attached scarf when unbuttoned) and the asymmetrical closure.

I apologize for the rather poor quality of the photos. We don’t have a high definition TV and photographing a screen never comes out well. If I had it to do over again, I’d play the DVD on a computer and take screen captures instead. If you’d like a better look at the wardrobe, rent a copy of Killing Me Softly. The sets, camera work, and other leads (Joseph Fiennes and Natascha McElhone) are gorgeous as well. And even when the story is lacking, the time between steamy sex scenes is short. I nominate Killing Me Softly for Best Wardrobe of the Century - even though we're only eight years in.