Friday, August 08, 2008


Eyelet jacket, Forever 21. Dress, Ann Taylor. Shoes, Wet Seal. Enamel bangles, Xhilaration. Golden bamboo bangle, swap.

Minutes after I was banged, in March 2006.

I’ve had bangs (aka fringe) for over two years now. I am pulling them back for my current show and feel so exposed. I need my hair curtain!

Time for a “how have you liked it best” poll on this Ann Taylor dress I bought in March.

How have you liked this dress best?
Spring Rain
Not Too Much Color
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grace said...

I voted for "Bangless" because I love the jacket, but "Glasses" was really nice too.

E said...

I totally know what you mean about the "Hair Curtain"! I pulled mine back the other day and had to wrote a post about because of how completely exposed I felt.

I voted for "Glasses"; the neckline of the dress is so flattering on you.

Jane said...

I just got my fringe (bangs) cut back in today!

Meg said...

This is the best look I've seen all day (I spend Saturdays looking at blogs). In fact, the blog itself looks so good, I'm tempted to change mine to all black.

Jessica said...

I love you without bangs. That's just my opinion though. I like you with too, but I think you look great without.

I voted for bangless. I do like the glasses one too. I think that is the best outfit for those shoes too. I love the green & yellow combo.

Anonymous said...

You look really nice without bangs, although both really suit you!