Friday, August 15, 2008

50's Revival

Sheer blouse, Forever 21. Linen skirt, Talbots. Belt, Steven by Steve Madden. Scarf and shoe clip (used as a scarf clip), thrifted. Peeptoe slingbacks, BCBGirls. Watch, Louis Arden. Bag, Naturalizer (vintage and thrifted).

I paired this skirt with green once before and really liked how fresh it was with the black and white. This time, the green is truer and I introduced some pattern mixing with this thrifted scarf.

I often find shoe clips as I dig through the mounds of jewelry at St. Vincent de Paul. Usually, they are unmatched and/or ugly, so I pass on them. This single clip was so pretty that I thought I’d try it as a scarf clip. It seemed like a good way to secure a scarf, without putting pin holes in the fabric or tying it in a knot. However, it just didn’t hold tightly enough. I probably readjusted the clip a dozen times today when one end of the scarf slipped loose. I’ll have to think of a new usage for unmatched shoe clips.

This morning, it was cool enough that I needed a coat. I was only too eager to drag out my favorite, by Bebe.


Unknown said...

I love this outfit. It's funny, I too seem to be inspired by the 50s/60s of late. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm obsessed with Mad Men and the clothes the women wear. They are SO beautiful!! I've been snapping up vintage 50s/60s style purses on ebay, and I actually wore some day gloves the other day. I have to admit, I felt a bit odd, but then I thought, "C'mon! It's not THAT weird!" What are your thoughts on trying to put strong (and by that, I mean obviously from a different time) vintage pieces in with 20th/21st century clothes?

Kasmira said...

diana - I can identify with your discomfort in wearing pieces that may be perceived as costumey. Personally, I say GO FOR IT! There will always be detractors, but if day gloves or a big fancy hat make you feel fabulous, wear them. Have you checked out the book "Eccentric Glamour"? Simon Doonan has pretty much the same philosophy. Why play it safe and be like everyone else?

Unknown said...

No, but I just read the reviews on amazon. Sounds very fun. I will check it out.
I recently read an interview with Stacy London (of "What Not to Wear", a show I love), in which she said that when she was young, she wanted to be a cocktail waitress JUST so she could wear fishnets. Cracked me up.

Beth said...

Great outfit today. I don't comment often enough but you do inspire my co-worker and I.

An idea for a scarf clip, use a pony tail barrette, it should hold the scarf without damage. I also bet that you could re-purpose those lone shoe clips onto the barrette.


Sheila said...

I agree with Diana, love that 50s look. I'm never afraid to go costumey with my outfits, although usually I'm just dressed for work, so can't go TOO "out there".

The black and white with the green is really striking - very pretty.

s.i. michaels said...

I *adore* the scarf and how you're wearing it. So chic.