Saturday, August 23, 2008


Dress, Frederick’s of Hollywood. Belt, The Limited. Sandals, Forever 21. Crinoline, Casablanca Vintage.

I’ll tell you a secret…I’ve worn this dress three or four times a month this summer. I’ve stopped photographing it because y’all must be sick of it by now. I do try to do something a bit different each time (I’ve added the green crinoline here), but the summer heat prevents me from adding enough layers to create truly different outfits. Fall will be here soon, and I’ll do my best to reinvent this simple sundress once again.

Just a few instances of this sundress’ wear over the past few months


Bella said...

You are soo right to wear it often. It looks very comfy and green is a wonderful color on you!

Kelly said...

It is quite pretty, I'd wear it all the time if I were you!

Virginia said...

Kasmira, I read you blog faithfully, and today, my 3 year old daughter (who is QUITE the fashionista herself) was sitting with me while I read.

She LOVED your green dress ensemble, and told me, "I want to wear DAT one!" pointing to the picture with you and the vest on over the green dress. She then had me click on each picture on your blog and would clap her hands and say, "oooooooh pretty!"

Just wanted you to know that you are influencing fashion in every walk of life. ;)

myrubyslippers said...

i think this happens to most of us too...liking a dress so much we wore it several times in a month. Anyway it's good enough that you try to wear it differently each time. Your green crinoline is cute :)